ORGAN THINGS? No time, Pez in the West, what price in the East…

Things, no time today…  Lot of street flavoured art happening on West London gallery walls today, not that we want to start that debate this morning, Pez always makes us smile, well since 1999 (as he likes to point out), Pez has a show opening over at Westbank Gallery. And we covered Mr Naz and his Last Ride show that opens tonight here a couple of days ago  There some free albums from Earache here, Wormrot and such, worth  quick mention in passing… Of course if you’re in East London today and this weekend, then What Price Art?  What price indeed?  This has been an even more rushed slice of Organ than usual… come feed the duck//

pez_westbankIt hopefully goes without saying that Cultivate is open as usual today down sunny Vyner Street. This week with the What Price Art show where you get to name the price and whatever you say goes…. open today and all weekend from 11.30am until 6pm with our ever evolving walls and such… this show, then I’ll Be Back in Five Minutes…. then… This Sean Worrall piece painted in a wooded table top will be part of the show today, yours for the price you wish to pay…  trumpet blowing there, a very dirty job but someone’s got to do it…. What Price Art? 


Hackney, East London, Aug 2014

Hackney, East London, Aug 2014


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