Organ things? Owls? Dscreet? Godflesh? Aryz, “a cool Spaniard what goes dubl grande big”

owls1Owls? Things? This week we are far far too deep in it to be thinking about things over here. Here, have some owls and words and things and if you’re going to post it on social media then there a good chance it might get re-posted in a fit of owl-like mouse-hunting cut ‘n paste

“If you’re standing on the bus perusing your smartphone to pass time you might want to sit down in a priority seat to take this all in, this is a game changer, social networking is no longer for the flippant or lighthearted;

In honour of putting on the universe’s most awesome exhibition ever at the Urban Spree gallery in Berlin, the single most influential and worshipped collective ever, Dubl Trubl, collaborated on the most incredible mural in the history of mark making. This unbelievable piece now revealed to the world, has sent our collective consciousness reeling into a parallel dimension which previously many only meekly speculated on its glorious existence. Channelling the higher power of the other, manifest in aerosol, here is a reality for all mortals to behold and bask in its tremendous shining light.
The bar has been raised beyond our wildest expectations, the zeitgeist is playing catchup and it will be tuff for even the Dubl Trubl crew to outdo this pinnacle of superhuman endeavour and achievement…back to the gym to get dublpumped”.(Dscreet)



Heres a film I made about Aryz, a cool Spaniard what goes dubl grande big. Fun times travelling to Barcelona with VNA and the legendary photographer Alex Fakso;” Said Dscreet


And here’s a link to the new Godflesh album, their first in something like twelve or thirteen years




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