ORGAN THING: More Frieze week, more from the car park, the Sculpture Park, Kaws, Yayoi Kusama, We Could Not Agree…

Bay 43 of the car park

Bay 43 of the car park

Found myself taking the short walk in the rain from Cavendish Square (London W1) and a second visit to the circular stimulation of the We Could Not Agree show in that car park, a short wak down Harley Street to Regents Park and the Frieze Sculpture park (via the chaos of the limousines and the expensive wallet-carrying clothes being ushered from taxis to take part in the art buying bun-fight and the main Frieze arena). The Sculpture park is free, out in the open, there, breathing amongst the falling leaves of now suddenly very Autumnal beauty of Regents Park. Worth the walk in the rain just for the glorious strangeness of Japanese art superstar Yayoi Kusama  (not sure about that Martin Creed video screen) and the scale of that KAWS piece (especially if you’re not expecting it to emerge from the trees, suddenly there occupying your eye-line behind Franz West’s attention-taking Sitwurzt. The scale of the Brookyn artist Kaws’ piece just grabs your breath for a second if you’re not expecting it (sorry if that’s just been ruined that by telling of it here)


Wanted to go back and explore We Could Not Agree without the throb of crowds and the noise, well there is still a bit of noise in there, the cars parking above, the echo of the sound-art mingling with the ambient amplification of the feet, really does sound good down there.. Worth mentioning the sound art in the sculpture park as well, the henge-like circle of black speaker wedges – really worked in yesterday’s traffic hum and drizzle. There’s an interesting q&a with sculpture park curator Clare Lilley here. Would it be more exciting to find all this in a less formal setting? Yayoi Kusama in the middle of a scrap yard? Giat cartoon sculptures emerging from rubbish dumps, coming to life in an abandoned building and the natural layers of growth always rather than carefully managed formal parks.  Enough, a formal park in the middle of London is a fine place to go explore twenty sculpture on a wet Wednesday afternoon

Megan Pickering at We Could Not Agree

Megan Pickering at We Could Not Agree

There’s an album of photos from both the park and more from the car park down the page, wanted to particularly go back and search out Megan Pickering’s rather relevant piece, so easy to miss things on an opening night in a show as alive and busy as the We Could Not Agree show is. The photos are just beyond that taste of Grubs Tuckshock, We Could Not Agree goes on until Sunday (SW)

frieze_sculpture5 - Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama

Grubs Tuckshock appear to be a rather experimental two piece from Bristol, not clear if they’re active now of they’ve just been busy putting up some old things from 2004 on Bandcamp. Whatever the case, rather like it, here it is, do what you will with it….


The photos…. more photos, click on one to enlarge and run the slide show…

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