ORGAN THINGS: New Diagrams, Child Abuse in town….

Glorious day don’t you think? Here’s a taste of something new from super furry Diagrams. Phantom Power is from Diagrams’ upcoming album Chromatics, more of former Tunng member Sam Genders’ lush chamber pop glowing with a simple, almost whimsical feel. You don’t need words, there’s the song and here’s a link should you want more. Chromatics is out at the start of next year on Full Time Hobby.


Here’s the hype from the label.  When songwriter and producer Sam Genders last donned his Diagrams hat, captive listeners found themselves truly stunned by the Streatham Hill artist’s imaginative and inventive arrangements that made up 2012’s debut album Black Light. Having now upped sticks from his London lodgings and settled in Sheffield with a new lease of life and wife, fresh pastures and friendships are what form the heart of Diagrams’ brand new album Chromatics.



“Relationships are a constant thread. In all their frustrating, exciting, mundane, beautiful, wonderful, sexy, scary glory,” reveals Genders of the album’s themes. “And there’s lots of hope in the songs. They shouldn’t be taken too literally mind you… in my head Chromatics is life in Technicolor; with all its ups and downs.”

Whilst Black Light fizzed with electronic effects, synth-bass, programmed beats and low-key funk grooves that brought about comparisons to the leftfield pop of Arthur Russell, Metronomy, Steve Mason and Hot Chip, it’s without doubt that Genders’ next offering falls closer to home comforts and marks the next step in Genders’ renaissance. Take lead track ‘Phantom Power; it’s the track which truly sums up what it’s like to find yourself forever reassessing. “It’s about feeling like you’re losing a grip on your sanity at one moment, then feeling inspired and up for anything the next. Or frustration with yourself yet believing that it’s possible to sort yourself out,” explains Genders.

Meanwhile Child Abuse are in London town tonight, playing a free gig at the Unicorn in Camden (well almost in Camden), tonight being Friday 17th October, more about what Child Abuse are doing, via that link you just passed…


Meanwhile on things go down underground on level three of that underground car park today and for the rest of the weekend…. open midday until 8pm Qpark car park, Cavendish Square, London W1, over one hundred artists down there waiting for you…. well their art is waiting, not all one hundred of the artists, although there are a few around to talk to and question and interact with if you want to….




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