ORGAN: Denmark’s Black Light, White Light have a new album, Ron Athey coming up at Horse Hospital….

Gold-Into-Dreams-Front-Cover-FramedSunday, leaf sweeping day, get them leaves out of my car park… had to do it myself, how frustrating is the self-appointed art media in this city, so much going on and they miss so much of it, or they’re more interested in telling you who went and what sold that what was actually there. We killed this Organ thing off years ago, but hey, if you can’t make the car park and you’re more interested in what colour hat Harrison Ford is wearing at Frieze and who spent what on who then we shall have to do it ourselves (again)  Glorious day, no ranting and raving and drooling today, the sun is out, things need painting and while things are being painted, Denmark’s Black Light White Light have an album out…


Denmark’s Black Light White Light have an album out, Gold Into Dreams, and on a sunny October Sunday it all seems rather pleasant in a refined and mellow Dandy Warhols, Primal Scream, Stone Roses kind of easy on the ear way. It doesn’t bite like any of those fine bands could, and it might not sound so good on a cold wet Wednesday, for today though, it serves more than a purpose, you can go relax with the whole thing here, there are worse ways you could spend a day or two while you get on with whatever you need to get on with

Meanwhile, coming up at the Horse Hospital on 24th Oct 2014, “very excited to produce an event in one of my favourite venues!” Said Mr Athey

Ron Athey presents: xenolalia

Ron Athey

Ron Athey presents: xenolalia – An evening of sound arts including spoken word, percussion, vocals, glossalalia

Maria Sideri: Daughters of Beulah – electronic soundscape, vocals and songs referencing both William Blake and Mahalia Jacksons beulah
Sage Charles: spoken word; and a new blastbeat drum solo
Jose Macabra: digital sound composition and vocals
Ron Athey: text piece; glossalalia call and respond
Catherine Hoffman: performance for the voice
plus: all 5 artists have collectively authored an automatic writing text

Kind of like this today….


Liverpool, 2014 (SW)

Liverpool, 2014 (SW)






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