ORGAN THINGS: New Scott Walker and Sunn O))), new Thurston Moore, Nought-powered….

More things, buses, the third will be along in a moment, we are in deepest London, all around up buses roar, police sirens annoying and paint cansare shaking, the smell of Montana battle the smell of Belton from next door…. I can shake my cans louder than you!

This just posted:  BRANDO /// A film by Gisèle Vienne

Music : Brando, from ‘Soused’, the collaborative record by Scott Walker + Sunn O)))


We Could Not Agree. Opening night...

We Could Not Agree. Opening night…

meanwhile, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore is back with his new project, we’ve covered it here already of course, here’s some more. Together with My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe, and hero of a hundred fine bands James Sedwards along with Steve Shelley (also formerly in Sonic Youth); Thurston Moore and new group brew together the sounds and styles  different eras of the members bands and music to create something rather fresh. “Speak To The Wild” The album is out in Matador Records now, here’s a video taster.


We Could Not Agree

We Could Not Agree



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