ORGAN: Wild Smiles let loose their debut album, Concrete Canvas is yet another street art book, catch the launch tonight at Stolen Space…

WildSmilesAlbum21-1024x1024People don’t like change do they?  What day is it? Wild Smiles have their debut album Always Tomorrow out on Monday, can we cover it? They’re a great singles band full of ideas, not many of them their own but that’s alright, the bits that don’t sound like the Ramones or Nirvana sound rather like Jesus and Mary Chain speeding up those Beach Boys, they’re either very cleaver or very dumb.  Rather like Wild Smiles in a dumb throwaway kind of way, don’t know if I want to eat a whole album in one go, got to be better the inevitable 50th anniversary Jesus And Mary Chain box set and overpriced tour, ir an interactive Kurt hologram fronting a Ramones tribute band. Actually Wild Smiles make great throwaway pop singles, they should be as big as the Beatles or as big as a beetle or an antelope or Sheena or the taste of honey or as big as something or other.  .Figure it Out, can’t get over you, why did you ask me? Why? Like we keep saying, you don’t need reviews anymore, just links and signposts and hey check this out. So there it is, the debut Wild Smiles album check it out, it comes out properly in a physical state on Monday. Happy Monday, I don’t like Mondays, like Wild Smiles though, they’re like Campbell’s Soup, they’re from Winchester, they’re like good fast food, like going to Chrome and Black and bingeing on the colours. Wild Smiles are pop art, they’re pop, the art of pop, they’re smiles as wide as crocodiles and yes, they;re glorious throwaway pop art, yes indeed, I guess we can cover the release sometime soon….


Interesting book launch tonight, there’s a street art book launch in London on most days of most weeks, the street art book flogging walking tour circuit in East London is big business, can’t move for walking tours and people flogging books. This one likes like it has a bit more substance to it, this one, Concrete Canvas: How Street Art Is Changing the Way Our Cities Look (Lee Bofkin) is launched tonight at Stolen Space gallery. Here’s the pre-release blurb, more later when we get out mitts on a copy, looks like it might be worth a look

concretejungle_cover“What happens when you look at graffiti and street art as unlimited art forms instead of urban phenomena? Concrete Canvas does just that; investigating the media the artists work with, the canvases they work on, the themes that arise through their work, and the way their art redefines the spaces in which it is set.  Concrete Canvas is filled with stunning photos of works from new and exciting artists, as well as established names, including Ron English, Phlegm, Daim, Invader and more. It examines how the curation of public space is affecting our cities and moving art into the future.   Global Street Art is the largest online archive of street art photography. Here, its founder Lee Bofkin shares some of his best stories of documenting street art, which variously feature big guns, massive dogs and lots of abandoned buildings”.


StolenSpace Gallery can be found in Whitechappel, at 17 Osborn Street, London E1 to be precise


Don’t you just hate those big Vevo logos on videos. here’s a stolen photo of Andy, out shopping for the new Wild Smiles album yesterday, not out until Monday Andy, pay attention, get with the program here, you can get the book tonight, the record is not out until Monday.

andy_soupshopIs that enough for today? Surely so, shall we bring out the book now? Back to the future? i thought Alvin Stardust was alright actually. he wasn’t Suzi or Slade or even a Fentone, but hey, can the can… RIP Shane Fenton



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