ORGAN THING: Dean Blunt, New Paintings, Schizo-Culture, Cracks in the Street over at Space…

Went to have a look at the Dean Blunt show over at Space earlier today. A passing Twitter post enticed us over, you’d never know it was on if you just happened to be passing the Mare Street gallery – Dean Blunt: New npr22Paintings – A solo exhibition of work by the London-based artist. /// the good die young ball in heaven – a man with jeans on his mind or so it seems, expensive Japanese jeans, Evisu. There’s not much information, he’s not big on explanations, he sounds like he likes his Warm Leatherette lines as much as his iconic fashion contradictions?.

An artist? A musician?  A commentator? Pop art? Black Metal? Black rain? He’s almost as intriguingly vague as the Vague-like publications fly-posted on the walls of the second (unrelated) exhibition in the back room and stairwell of Space, a second exhibition that you have to walk through Blunt’s sparse (and very polished) room to get to.

“Dean Blunt has revealed that his next record will come out on Rough Trade sometime this year, titled Black Metal. Though it’s not clear if the record is an album, single or EP, it looks set to include new track ‘Mersh’…” Actually, Rough Trade say the record will be out a at the start of November, looks like a full album

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.There’s a Fact interview with Blunt here. The (vague) background information brings the walls of Space to life a little more, not too much, he doesn’t seem to want to give too much away, kind of like the way he doesn’t. .Here’s a mix tape to download (well not a tape but the spirit of a tape, you know what we mean…) …

Blunt curiosity (and a twitter prompt) took us to Space, had no idea about Schizo-Culture… Here’s what Space have to say about Schizo-Culture…



“A project taking the seminal 1975 event Schizo-Culture: On Prisons and Madness as its point of departure.

Cracks in the state of things, in the state of places, in the state of norms… Cracks leading us despite ourselves to new social practices and to new aesthetic practices which will re­veal themselves as less and less separate from each other and more and more in complic­ity…

– Felix Guattari, Cracks in the Street, Flash Art, 1987.

SPACE is proud to present an exhibition and event series taking the seminal 1975 event: Schizo-Culture: On Prisons and Madness as its point of departure. Reengaging with the myriad cultural connections and fractures the original event exposed, the project will feature an expanded and speculative schizo-cultural archive alongside a series of new artistic commissions, screenings, performances and public discussions.

Organised by the early Semiotext(e) group – then comprising Sylvère Lotringer and John Rajchman – whose mission statement was to ‘bring together two continents of thought through a revolution of desire,’ the 1975 Schizo Culture conference saw counter-cultural icons such as John Cage, William S. Burroughs, R.D. Laing and Ti-Grace Atkinson come head to head with figures now regarded as some of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century: Michel Foucault, Jean Francois Lyotard, Gilles Deleuze, and Felix Guattari.

Cracks in the Street will feature new exhibition and performance commissions by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson (Terminal Beach), Sidsel Meineche Hansen, and Susan Stenger, alongside recordings and ephemera from the original 1975 event and the Semiotext(e) archive (courtesy of Fales Library and Special Collections, New York), and additional contributions from, amongst others, William Burroughs, Plastique Fantastique (a collaboration between David Burrows & Simon O’Sullivan and others), Vivienne Dick, Orphan Drift, Hedi El Kholti and Sylvère Lotringer.”

Here’s some photos from both shows…. and all because a Twitter caught our attention and took us over the street (abd the cracks) to the ephemera. Plastique fantastique indeed…  (SW)


The Schizo-Culture project will culminate on December 12-14 with a closing weekend of performances, screenings, live music and discussion addressing many of the socio-political subjects schizo-culture engages with (anti-psychiatry, disciplinary rationalities, philosophy and language).

The Dean Blunt exhibition goes on until December 7th

Full details via Space.  Space can be found at 129 – 131, Mare Street, Hackney, London E8

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