ORGAN THINGS: Drunken Sufis, C’mon Tigre, Drone Wars, Spit the Dog on a string?

drunken1Wednesday, what we going to do today Brain? Same as we do every day, all gone wrong? Land that time forgot? Dinosaurs stuck on which street? Drunken Sufis are from New York, they released a new album last week (and added some tags as they went fishing for ears: experimental ambient punk atonal post-punk nano punk shamanic punk New York) .Track five is our favourite, if we have a favourite, do we have a favourite? Tiswas? OTT? Spit the Dog on a string? Crap jokes? Anarchy? Better than everyday robots whatever you say….


Meanwhile, “a year ago I was photographed in my studio and interviewed about my Shoreditch history for this exciting book…” said Alice Herrick, more of what Alice is on about and making something out of nothing over at Red Gallery


a year ago I was photographed in my studio and interviewed about something completely different.  Tiswaz? OTT, Compost corner? At the disposal of gravity? The service is quite rough


“Federation Tunisienne de Football”, a new song from C’mon Tigre and a video to go with it that has been animated, painted & directed by the Italian artist Gianluigi Toccafondo –  there is no keyframing, no filters no post production, over 5000 frames hand painted. Toccafondo has recently gained huge popularity thanks to the three minute animation footage that opens Ridley Scott’s new feature film Robin Hood.

Now this is the one, that one up there was good, this one is a little more formed and focused, actually these drunken New Yorkers sound rather brilliant.  This is good good good, they don’t drone and…. well there it is, go get drunk, Drunken Sufis





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