Organ: Monday’s Lucid Dream, an encounter with performance artist Amy Kingsmill and “The Arresting Sound of Cardiacs…”

noMonday bloody Monday, this morning, so far, this are a pleasing black with colourful spots and we’ve opened six or seven e.mails from artists and responded to art they wanted to submit (even though we have no Cultivate open calls or anything that requires artists to send anything in at the moment, beside maybe coverage here via this page).  We just listened to some dreadfully generic indie-emo-hairspray pop from Texas that the band’s record company (do bands still have record companies?) insisted was the “best thing you will ever hear”, listened to maybe eight piece of music submitted via e.mail so far today (didn’t hear anything that interesting beside the new Fred Frith album). The e.mails keep on coming and coming. Now at let’s say £15 and e.mail, I surely should have reasonably made a couple of hundred quid out of this this morning already? Come on, I need to go eat a fancy lunch and buy some new shoes later.  Who do these people thing they are, submitting  us their art without paying, expecting us to open e.mails without an (electronic) cash payment being involved? What a liberty! Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Here the new single from Lucid Dreams, that one wasn’t submitted, it just float past…


‘Unchained is the new Lucid Dream single, released 10th November 2014 (7″ via The Great Pop Supplement, download via Holy Are You). They’re from Carlisle but sound like they’re from L.A’ said someone running around all whacked on some radio station.
‘Unchained’ is the 2nd single from the pending 2nd album by Carlisle band The Lucid Dream. It follows on from ‘Moonstruck’, released February 2014, which became the fastest sell-out in Too Pure Singles Club history, selling out on pre-orders a month before release.  The Lucid Dream’s second album is scheduled for February 2015 release.



Sunday.  Some blogging about blogs, some links to a couple of blogs writing about a performance artist we rather like and her performance at Spill, and band we just may have mentioned via the pages of Organ now and again over the last quarter of a century….


Amy kingsmill…

“I left Amy Kingsmill’s Journey gob smacked, contemplating both the swan like beauty of her journey, the pain and its ludicrous futility. Why? Why? Why? I wonder into Lauren Jane Williams The boudoir but my thoughts are still with Journey and I have to leave….But the image that will haunt me from the day is that of Amy Kingsmill, her white dress revealing her bare back into which are driven steel pins that take the weight of a heavy fence she drags behind her whilst tottering on impossible heels. As the audience leaves she is left bowed but still, the dying swan……”  – Matthew Linley
“Tired. But still overwhelmed by SPILL, such an immersive environment of creativity, love, daring, strength, magik and ritual, surreality and generosity. What an amazing experience to be a part of”  Amy Kingsmill


The Arresting Sound of Cardiacs   “Cardiacs are a British band from Surbiton. They were active from the late 1970s through 2008 — a lengthy career that can be divided into at least two distinct phases — and in that time they produced several difficult-to-describe…..

A beautiful single we once released….
A John Peel radio session we once arranged….  no John, nah, nothing to do with Cardiacs, yes they are wonderful, glad you think so….
More tomorrow….. maybe….



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