ORGAN: The English Softhearts under a Blue Oyster Quilt, My Dog Sighs in Portsmouth this week, new Unthanks, Subhumans in Tottenham next week…

blue_oyster_quiltWhere were we?  Does it matter? Half way through the Desert once more? Or Dessert? Searching for 400 Mint choc chips? Kicking our heels once more? Watching Jimmy C panic about a lost painting that needed to go to Rome today? Listening to the beauty of The Unthanks and a taste of their new album while MyDogSighs gets his social media lifeline cut for being too popular so it would seem, guess Facething isn’t making enough money, needs to squeeze a bit more.    Anyway, MyDog has a show in his hometown of Portsmouth with Midge Midge, don’t ask us where these names come from? Bring on the English Sweethearts and their inspired Blue Oyster Quilt, now that’s what we call album tittle (and a quilt!), not since the glory days of REO Speedealer So where were we? Under our quilt eating beans out of cans…


So the man from Poertsmouth, the can man with the sighing dog and the thing for old beans cans, and old bits of music manuscript this time around, what’s he doing? Who’s Midge Midge? Portsmouth? ….

mds14_4“After testing the waters with a campaign of street art collaborations, MydogSighs and Midge have decided to join forces in their home town of Portsmouth for a collaborative solo exhibition. Midges quiet and emotive characters blended with the melancholic faces of MyDogSighs are a perfect match” so they say.

“Characters painted on locally sourced antique music sheet, hidden narratives, run through both the music titles and the intricately painted scenes that echo a softness and sometimes sadness, causing thoughts of longing , love and loss”.

The venue is the Coastguard, a Southsea Pub, that’s in Portsmouth, down on the South coast, a pub recently converted into a gallery space. The show will be the inaugural exhibition in this exciting new creative venue.


My Dog Sighs

“Proud of the city and the support it has given them both, Midge and Mydog have aimed to make this exhibition as Portsmouth-centric as possible. Materials, printing, framing, and kind sponsorship from local breweries, and businesses have meant that the entire show has been planned and produced ,sourced, and inspired within Portsea Island”

Coastguard Studio can be found on Clarendon Road, PO4 0BY, Theshow opens on Friday 14th November (6pm until 10pm) and then from Saturday through until Wednesday, 10am until 6pm (besides Wednesday when it all ends at 2pm)

All work will be available in person only from Friday night. then any unsold work will go online at on Saturday morning.

The Unthanks

The Unthanks

The Unthanks  have a new album called Mount The Air on the way, the title track is the first single from it – “an arresting revision of the ten minute opening piece, that marks their return in audacious and scintillating style” so it says here..

My Dog Sighs

My Dog Sighs

“When The Unthanks released ‘Last’ in 2011, Uncut wrote that “The Unthanks seem to regard folk music the same way Miles Davis regarded jazz: as a launch pad for exploring the wider possibilities”. Two years in the making and recorded in their Northumberland studio, they take that analogy a step further on Mount The Air, with a beautiful opening title track and single that has echoes of Miles Davis and Gill Evans in their Sketches of Spain period, and climaxes with a euphoria reminiscent of Arcade Fire or Elbow, but without guitars, creating power instead with breathtaking musical colour and beauty.

Written by Unthanks pianist and producer, Adrian McNally, the single is based on the themes of a one-verse traditional ditty, found in a book of Dorset songs in Cecil Sharp House by Becky Unthank, who also co-wrote some of the new words alongside McNally. The video to the track is made by acclaimed animator Nick Murray Willis, whose work with the band on their previous single ‘Last’, earned him a place on the BAFTA judging panel”..


Mount The Air – The first single and title track of the forthcoming album by The Unthanks.

“For an album so long in the making, there is considerable anticipation for Mount The Air, and having turned down continued offers from majors, Mount The Air is released on their own label, RabbleRouser Music, on 9th Feb 2015.   Mount The Air (Single Version) is released 8th Dec 2014. The Unthanks put Mount The Air on tour in the UK and Ireland with a 10-piece ensemble in Feb/March 2015 –

LEAVES, 2013 (SW)

LEAVES, 2013 (SW)


Enough of ‘nice’ folk music and ‘nice’ animation.  Some days, a blast of heard it 739 times already punk pop energy is what you need to get things going The strangelt named Bik Galaga could be from anywhere, they’re actualyl from new York City,  They;ve got a whole bag of information here, none of it really matters though,


subhumans_chaBlk Galaga’s new EP follows 2013’s Rail on the Top Shelf, and was again recorded and produced by Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger at Cannon Sound Foundation (Menzingers, Morning Glory, Catch 22, Man Overboard, Misfits). Rail on the Top Shelf approached sales in the double digits, and their new EP is eagerly anticipated by nearly a dozen people worldwide”.
Never mind no Blk Galaga photo, you don’t care what they look like or where they’re from, just enjjoy their fast food punk pop then forget it once you’ve swallowed the last might. Meanwhile, you Ford Cortina and your household pet needs some attention, Subhumans hit Tottenham on the 20th of this very month
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