ORGAN: Dog Legs; too good for you, Winter Spectrum at Stolen Space, Reboot Horizon opening at Cell tomorrow, fresh Prawn seven inch…

Wednesday bloody Wednesday, in it all floods, listen to this, so and so likes it already so you should to, being championed my some one on some radio show or something like that, come to that, write about this please, cynical smile, new Armored Saint? Are they still about? Not as good as old 1985 Armored Saint, hang on, even this new stuff is four years old, is John Bush back in the band, delirious nomads, enough of that, in the trash, playing Bloodstock next year or something like that, in the trash, crocodile under your bed?

Have some trash, DOG LEGS are from London or maybe Brighton, there’s two of them, they’re too good for you, all you do is go to sleep, they’re glorious, they’re messy, delirious beasts you could learn to love….


skinny arsed what? Three cats, one dog, staying on a farm? Four sheep, not much of a farm, four horses? Buzz buzz buzzing bee, cobra snake…. got a new favourite band here, for the next 15 minutes at least….

Reboot at Cell

Reboot Horizon at Cell

Enough of snakes and sheep, surely you need more than four sheep to call it a farm? Cell Project Space have a new opening tomorrow (of the door can be found), they don’t do signs of course and they hide at the back of a building though an almost “secret” door, they don’t like to communicate to anyone that they;re there along the path past the trees and up the metal stairs at the end. Got a love hate relationship with the space, not that they give two flying flipnuts what we think, there they are happy in their hidden art space. And what a fine space it is if you can find it, outside of opening nights it never ever seems to be open, tomorrow night it is, and the show, like most of the shows at Cell, looks rather intriguing …

Reboot Horizon featuring Marte Eknæs, Alice Khalilova, Santiago Taccetti

“The point of departure for the exhibition is when a page freezes on the syncopated browser of a web user; the moment when change in the landscape is marked as a reduced distinction of it’s natural other and has been manipulated by technology. With a desktop tidy approach to the outdoors the exhibition reflects the increasingly conflated physical spaces of retail, business, and leisure. Often based on the criteria that these forms are highly evolved from nature through corporate and commercial branding, this streamlining allows for more efficient circulation”

The show opens at Cell tomorrow night, Thursday 13th November, 6 – 9pm and then runs from 14th November 2014 until 11th January 2015 (allegedly open from Thursday until Sunday 12–6pm, or by appointment). Cell is at 258 Cambridge Heath Road, at the top of Vyner Street, over the road from the Hare pub, in a white building just back off the street, through the yard, just by the neon sign shop, Hackney, London E2 9DA



Stolen Space, Spectrum

Stolen Space, Spectrum

What else? Well Stolen Space have a new opening tomorrow as well. Their month long winter group show, Spectrum, opens tomorrow night, Thursday 14th November, and runs until December 21st   –  Stolen Space Winter Group Show featuring new works by Miss Van, C215, Broken Fingaz, Ben Frost, Crystal Wagner, Arth Daniels, Kai & Sunny, Snik, C215, Jana & JS, Hueman, Cyrcle. Curiot, Paul Stephenson, D*Face, Word To Mother, Maya Hayuk, Andrew Macatee, David Bray, Alo and Max Rippon.  Good looking line up…

STOLENSPACE GALLERY is at 17 Osborn Street, London,  E1 6TD, down in Whitechapel, just behind the Whitechapel gallery

Here’s the new PRAWN single, out as a 7″ – Ltd Edition 7″ ‘Settled’ – Out on 27th November 2014 via Topshelf Records


Prawn are from New Jersey, and, according to this press release right here,  “on 25th November 2014, NJ indie rock outfit Prawn will digitally release a new EP titled ‘Settled’, featuring two b-sides from their ‘Kingfisher’ recording session. Additionally, the EP will be available on vinyl, as a limited edition 7” for Record Store Day on Black Friday, 27th November 2014.Band have just kicked off a European tour that hits the UK on November 30th. Here more Prawn here.

Right, we’re out of here, the paint fumes are killing us today, the fresh smell of Montana is battling Jimmy C’s Belton, here’s some more Dog Legs….. they need more sheep on that farm…



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