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botanist_coverMonday, a whole week ahead of us… nah, forget Monday, I don’t like Mondays, nothing happy about Mondays, skip to Tuesday and, Tuesday bloody Tuesday, goodbye Ruby, what? Baked a cake, strike a light, come home, Do Re Me So Far So Good, have a good time all the time, the big match and “A murder of crows making a glorious racket this morning at the back of the studio, glorious, but I’m pretty happy at the fact, that they seemed to have decided on nesting elsewhere”.  Thing of the day you say, you didn’t get one yesterday you say, you want one today you say? here’s some old Nurse With Wound posted here for no reason what so ever, Soliloquy For Lilith from back in 2003, released on the United Dairies label. Here’s some more  “all positive at the moment” said the northern sounding man on the BBC. Have we got a Thing of The Day today? Are you that bothered about any of this? Never mind Tuesday……


Never mind Tuesday….. Wednesday bloody Wednesday, all Sheffield and disunited, read about Bill Drummond and ken Campbell instead, far more interesting than anything we have to offer here today, well besides the self-proclaimed “green metal” of San Francisco’s Botanist  .. “I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones’ John Cage.  “Post-black metal worship of the Natural world. Enter the Verdant Realm of Botanist


How about Wednesday then? Will there be a posting here today?  When Did the Art World Get So Conservative? Goodbye Ruby Wednesday, paint cake and feed the mice. Here’s a polite looking conservative show, straight lines can be exciting though can’t they? Can’t always be about contradictions and giant stik figures on the side of buildings.  Now so called street art, how tediously conservative is most of that? Careerist middle age men and their agents and dealers and their limited edition prints.

This November, Rook and Raven Gallery are proud to present Abstract Geometry, an exhibition inspired by the development of the Fibonacci sequence in visual culture. Informing each featured artist’s work, the sequence appears in various manifestations, constant throughout, in a manner paradigmatic of Leonardo Fibonacci’s theorem, published in his 1202 landmark text, Liber Abaci. The text recounts the correlation between geometry and nature, leading to a shift in artistic practice, still evident today, in its similar link to the Golden Section, historically used by many artists as a visual tool.

Rupert Newman, 'Collision' (2014), gouache on canvas, 61 x 50.5 cm

Rupert Newman, ‘Collision’ (2014), gouache on canvas, 61 x 50.5 cm

Line is ‘the sole element of construction and creations… Line is trajectory, movement, collision. Attachment, slicing apart, joining.’ Line is ‘first and last in both painting and in any construction whatsoever.’ (A. Rodchenko, ‘The Line’ (1921), translated in Art Into Life: Russian Constructivism 1914-1932, Seattle 1990, pp.72-3.)
Bringing together the work of Vanessa Jackson, Rupert Newman and Vanessa Hodgkinson, whose works are concerned with the use of shape, colour and composition, and the sequences and relationship between such properties, Abstract Geometry is the result of the interrelation of mathematics, nature and art, focusing on how the past is present in contemporary abstract art. There will also be a site-specific light installation by Rupert Newman, running for the duration of the exhibition.
Abstract Geometry opens at Rook and Raven Gallery on Thursday November 20th and run until December 20th. Find it at 7 Rathbone Place, London, W1 t.
Vanessa Jackson, 'Fling' (2013), oil on canvas, 132 x 114 cm

Vanessa Jackson, ‘Fling’ (2013), oil on canvas, 132 x 114 cm

So anyway, Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, “Farewell, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine – forgotten heroes of 90s indie”, and there were very few better, especially in the bigger rooms of this land, one of the very few bands worth a day trip to Guildford for. . Good Andrew Collins piece on Carter USM on the Guardian web pages today


Book launch 20th November • Celebrating 4 and half years of RED‘s cultural revolution in the centre of Shoreditch, RED GALLERY presents MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING – a book and exhibition of prints cataloguing RED’s role as cultural guardians, enabling communities and iconoclasts to transform derelict buildings into the magic of art studios, galleries, live events venues, creative offices, screening rooms, open air venue, street food market and bars.

“To celebrate the launch RED will be hosting a photographic exhibition and in keeping with its anti-hegemonic practice, 2000 copies of the book will be distributed at the launch”


More tomorrow? Maybe? maybe not…. That was pointless….


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