ORGAN THINGS: The ragged razor-edged sound of Gazer, the Rabbit Rabbit of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum…



There’s jimmy C shaking his cans again, gawdamn pointillist, did we miss putting up a thing today? Sunday only finished fifty minutes ago, quit yer complaining.

Nothing that radical about a lurching ragged razor-edged rusty Neil Young-esque guitar riff, they could be one of a thousand flannel shirt wearing bands from the backrooms of the 90’sbut this is glorious. Dare we say Gazer have a touch of Hugh Baby menace about them? Whatever we dare or dare not say, they just released a 12″ vinyl EP, a slice of dangerous vinyl released by Cincinnati’s own Phratry Records, a  New EP called ‘Fake Bulbs’ appears on the A-side, while the B-side marks the vinyl debut of their first EP ‘Phone Commercial.’, The new EP is quite a few positive steps on from the energy rush of the Phone Commericial


Rabbit Rabbit

“While we’re not promising any sort of reunion tour yet, certain members of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum have been making music together. Carla and Matthias and Michael and Dan conspired to write a song together. You will at once recognize the jangly and often surprising construct of an SGM anthem. Here is a visual representation of the emotional and musical firmament. Enjoy as much as we enjoyed birthing its weird self”


rabbitrabbitradio“Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Volume 3, Number 7. August, 2014. – A Sleepytime Gorilla Museum reunion of sorts (minus Nils Frykdahl), “The Perfect Abomination” is the 7th in our Rabbit Rabbit Radio “Year of the Guitar” series. The original guitar track was crafted and recorded by Michael Mellender, then came Dan Rathbun on the bass, next, Matthias Bossi on drums, and last but not least Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias singing along to it all.

Think of this film as a subtly glorified still image for your ocular pleasure while you listen.

The song is in part a reaction to news of the crash site of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine. There’s lots more behind-the-scenes goodies about the making of this song at

Every month we release a new Rabbit Rabbit song to our subscribers plus all kinds of other relevant goodies”.

More later, maybe…..

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