ORGAN THINGS? Guerilla Toss are here, new Peter Hammill almost here, Rabbit Rabbit should be everywhere, Alex Ward is everywhere…

lee_marvin_organOh now, where what and why, no question marks? Marx, duck soup and all we need now is the ace of spades.  A whole bag load of music passing our way this Monday, feel free to take a peak in the bag, curiosity never killed no cat scratch fever itch and this thing is way way past any sensible sell-by date now. Rabbit Rabbit have all the answers as well as good year or more of artistic creativity to catch up on.  Nothing was born under a wandering star and we need some more rabbit, rabbit yesterday, rabbit today and probably more tomorrow



Alex Ward he of Dead Days Beyond Help and a million and seven other things says he has a flurry of activity for us this week, same as ever other week then Alex….

“Flurry of activity this week for new trio with Colin Webster and Andrew Lisle (Colin on saxes, Andrew on drums, me on guitar). Our album “Red Kite” on Raw Tonk records is now available to download/stream here: (Physical CD release to follow). And there are gigs in Birmingham (Tuesday) and London (Thursday)


Before we go, and we to have to go, really no time to stick around here today, some Van Der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill bits…

ph_allthatmightVdGG’s new live album, recorded during their 2013 European tour, is called “Merlin Atmos” and will be released on Feb 2nd 2015. The album is coming out in 3 physical formats: single CD (CD1), double CD, and a special vinyl gatefold edition containing the main events – ‘Flight’ & ‘A Plague of Lighthouse-Keepers’.

CD 1:  1. Flight , 2. Lifetime, 3. All That Before, 4. Bunsho , 5. A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers, 6. Gog, CD 2:  1. Interference Patterns, 2. Over The Hill, 3. Your Time Starts Now, 4. Scorched Earth, 5. Meurglys III, The Songwriter’s Guild, 6. Man-Erg, 7. Childlike Faith In Childhood’s End

And Peter Hammill, has a new album, the title is “..all that might have been…”, that’s the artwork up there, out any moment now, more news from here


And today is now Tuesday, that makes it Guerilla Toss day here in London


GUERILLA TOSS, USA NAILS and DIYOA, Tuesday 25th November, Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern St, Shoreditch, EC2A 3ES

GUERILLA TOSS were birthed from the depths of the sweaty basements of Boston, Massachusetts and are nowadays considered to be a New England underground staple by the freaks and weirdos that inhabit the region. The band have churned out numerous cassettes, records, and CDs in the past two years on on labels such as Feeding Tube Records, John Zorn’s Tzadik, Sophomore Lounge, and Digitalis Ltd. By touring relentlessly and providing their audience with an unforgettably intense live show that demands, and encourages, ravaging physical body movement of the listener, Guerilla Toss have quickly garnered a cult following. Their newest record, ‘Gay Disco’ (released by NNA Tapes), is an album that draws influence from new wave and no wave dance music, extreme dementia, drug problems, and absurdist humor.

guerilla_upsetKassie Carlson’s ferocious vocals run the gamut of the human voice, blasting with jet engine shrieking and boiling over with urgency, while at the same time presenting a deranged and direct spoken narrative with surreal conversational lyrics. Peter Negroponte’s full force drumming spews forth alongside her like a tentacled beast, whilst guitarists Simon Hanes and Arian Shafiee duel to the death with angular and jagged riffs. The glue that binds is Ian Kovac’s synth work, which adds a healthy dose hyperactive danceability and electronic flourishing that contributes to the album’s overall doped-up disco flavor. As messy as it sounds, it all lends itself to Guerilla Toss’ ability to shape-shift seamlessly between hardcore rawness, jazzy meanderings, and squealing noise rock. Guerilla Toss succeeds in using the power of dissonance, aggression, and disorientation to derail the dancefloor harnassing the essence of a high-energy live band in its loudest, rawest embodiment to date. Guerilla Toss succeed in using the power of dissonance, aggression, and disorientation to derail the dancefloor, whilst maintaining high-energy spectacle in its loudest, rawest embodiment to date.

USA NAILS do drawn out psychedelic punk with nods to the likes of Neu, The Stooges, and Swans. They feature current and ex-members of Kong, Silent Front and WhoresX3. Their debut album “Sonic Moist”, is out on tape and vinyl in November on a bunch of European DIY labels (Unwork, I Hate My Records, Bigoût and Smalltown America).

DIYOA (dee-oh-ah) is a one man band from Rochester, Kent. Towing the line between improvisation and structure, DIYOA uses a blend of guitar and electronics to create an eclectic set that ranges from loose, free flowing soundscapes, to riff driven pop”



More tomorrow….. maybe




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