ORGAN THING: Owl tweeting Monday, black whatever day, O, Lotus Thief and…



Never mind whatever was written here on Friday, that was then, there was no time to post anything here on Friday, well truth is nothing excited us enough to make us want to post on Friday. Gloriously dull looking Monday now, Cyber Monday so it seems, we made it through the “Wow Weekend”, and now, if the inbox is to be believed, today is Cyber Monday. “Good morning! As it’s Cyber Monday, we can think of no better time to introduce you to our deals”. And it  Wouldn’t be Monday without another Royskopp press release either would it! That an a Thurston Moore advert, has Thurston taken over the internet with his adverts? Black Friday?  Apparently Royskopp’s latest is “A melancholic synth-pop masterpiece”  or so the The Arts Desk says. No, I don’t know who or what the Arts Desk is either but it wouldn’t be Monday without another Royskopp press release, and with today being Cyber Monday How many e.mails can you send us about black bleedin’ Friday, well obviously you’re reading a bit of Friday’s aborting Organ thing now, and some imported load of marketing nonsense from somewhere over there. No we don’t want a special deal on your 10% off prints or your limited edition hand-stenciled street art golf balls and it was all going okay in a very mid period Rush kind of way until all that widdle-diddle poodle-metal how-many-notes-can-I-fit-in guitar masturbation kicked off, Stevie Vai has a lot to answer for!  Time Grid deal in some kind of “clever” melodic neo-prog flavoured complex technical metal, they’re from Switzerland, the duel male/female vocals add some colour and here it is if you want it, I really don’t, but hey, in the spirit of Black Friday we pass it on, it is the best thing to arrive here today, here’s a rather thin slice of their album…


Great, we can all save 50% on some print from some artist none of us have ever heard of! Who the hell are these people cluttering up everyone’s in-boxes – “Hello people, Now is the time for Black Friday Sale,my special deal for you is – 50% for all my prints available(including regular,artist proof,test prints) Second, Mr.Sickmind, Thunderbird, McDuck, Strummer, Elvis, Spring Girl, Scooter, Los Muertos, Haida, Unknown, Life is A Fight, Just a Girl, Human Race, China… had a look, it was all skeletons and girls with union jack faces and Mexican day of the dead cliches and what is going on? Cliches sold like they were nothing but tins of Campbell’s soup or Daz or the latest X factor runner up’s new “product” Hang on, stop the bus, new what? Really? Nah, that’s not worth a mention either. Friday is cancelled.  Sunday is okay “She made me promise Transparency, Teamwork, er… there was another T,  I forget what the f**k it was” Lockhart is definitely getting the best lines. Here’s another owl
Dscrete owl

Dscrete owl

“Rervm,” is the debut Lotus Thief album, officially released on Tinfoil Tuesday. You can explore their atmosphere’s here Lotus Thief are a band that features Otrebor and Bezaelith (ex of that fine band Botanist), pretty sure those were the names their folks gave them before they packed them off to school….. They’re from San Francisco, they pile on the layers of atmosphere like Royskopp never would, we like Lotus Thief, you don’t need our words, here’s the album, you just passed the link, Lotus Thief at Manic Monday’s Organ thing of the day, now who wants to buy some art?


East London, Yesterday, Buy Stuff Sunday

East London, Yesterday, Buy Stuff Sunday

Who wants a 20% ‪# BlackFriday‬ code? Just use “whatever” at our little store: We’ve found a few older works in the attic, which we’ve put on the store too. You just might find that ideal Christmas gift! Hurry, the offer ends Saturday. What do you mean this is Monday.? More tomorrow, maybe? Here’s something new from O, they release a new album on December 20th, more soon I imagine… the story of O or something…..

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