ORGAN: Russell Brand takes on the hypocritical Sun and here’s some gloriously bleak death metal

rb-sunMonday’s thing, little different today, it can’t always be about music or art or the art of music or colour of notes, the sound of paint…

Really is about time the Sun went down for good, this really isn’t really what these Organ pages are about, but that vile “newspaper” has been allowed to exert far too much power and manipulate far too many people for far too long, it really is time to boycott The Sun completely, there are so so many reasons why it has to be taken down, and good on Mr Brand for having the balls to put his career second and point these things out….


Published on Dec 5, 2014 – Russell Brand, The Trews (E205). – “There are definitely more important things going on than polls about me. But the issue of corporations finding loopholes to avoid paying billions in tax – whilst austerity measures continue – is certainly important.  Subscribe Here Now: and send links to video news items of topical stories that you’d like me to analyse”.
Dec 7 . thinks breastfeeding is the same as pissing & we should only see boobs on Page 3 via
thesun_evilPut simply, the dangerous thing called The Sun is the corporate world keeping the people it claims to represent in their place, for years Murdock and The Sun have been laughing at us. Russell Brand may not get everything right, he is getting a lot of it right though and for once, someone in a position like his is bothering to care, bothering to ask questions, bothering to put himself on the line, to ask questions, so go support people who don’t have a voice, we need more like him…
So Organ things?  We’ll do that later, here, have some gloriously bleak death metal contemplation from America via the new At Dusk  album Anhedonia, available as a fre download here or in physical form via kunsthauch  

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