ORGAN THINGS: Seven Impale dish out some lighthouse keeper flavoured prog, Dalek throw out fresh questions, Sweet Jesus unload some classic DC hardcore….

Tuesday things, same as Monday things or Wednesday things really. A random bag of earfood selected from the things that have come this way today… What do we have today? Sweet Jesus, ex-Have Heart, F**king Invincible, Dropdead and such, have announced their debut album You Destroy Yourself  The album is due out on February 3rd via Atomic Action Records, here’s a taste….


 Sweet Jesus came together sometime in 2010, quickly released a well received demo and then followed it up in typical band style with a few years of next to nothing in terms of activity. That all changed in 2014 when the band released their debut 7″, Box, on Triple B Records. “With a new-found momentum the band entered Magpie Cage Recording Studio in August to record their first LP for Atomic Action Records, You Destroy Yourself. Not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, You Destroy Yourself finds the band exploring deeper into their collective love and admiration of the 80s & 90s DC hardcore sound”.

Folkestone 2014

Folkestone 2014

Meanwhile, “this contemporary Norwegian prog band” have been brought to our attention by Toby Driver, Seven Impale sound like they might have been hanging out near a plague of lighthouse keepers, you just passed a link to their Soundcloud page, here’s a link to their Facebook outpourings, where the six piece tell us that “Seven Impale is the sound of the past and the future. Mixing modern metal rhythmic, often heard from bands like Tool and Meshuggah, and the classic prog rock style of bands like King Crimson and Van der Graaf Generator. Seven Impale are also using elements of jazz in the harmonics and use of improvisation”. See told you, there was something flying as straight as an arrow in there. here’s You Tube….


“Seven Impale was started in 2010 by Vocalist and guitarist Stian Økland. Soon Fredrik Mekki Widerøe joined on guitar alongside some former members before he took place behind the the drum set. Soon Tormod Fosso (First only cello and eventually also on bass) and Fredrik’s younger brother Benjamin Mekki Widerøe joined on the saxophone. At the end of the summer of (No, not ’69) 2010 Seven Impale was joined by Håkon Vinje on keys and Erlend Vottvik Olsen on guitar. After a couple of years with experimenting and defining the Seven Impale sound the band was picked up by the norwegian record company Karisma (hosting bands like Airbag, Brimstone and D’accord) after a successful showcase concert”


.Seems there’s some new Dalek out as well. Here’s a track called track ‘Police State is Nervous’ from the upcoming film 6 ANGRY WOMEN, something that someone somewhere plans to release in 2015. The video was directed by Sridhar Reddy

The last time we encountered Dalek was back in January 2008, in a pub in Soho, just around the corner from the Borderline. We really need to gather all this old stuff together in one places, years of interviews, featured and things we’ve all forgotten about….

Dalek, borderline, London, 2008 (SW)

Dalek, borderline, London, 2008 (SW)

“It’s a damp shiny Thursday evening in deepest Soho, and we’re in search of a quiet bar to talk to powerfully dark avant hip-hop maker DÄLEK (AKA Will Brooks), before his gig at London’s Borderline. We finally claim an aromatic corner of Garlic and Shotts and put a recorder on the table (thanks once more Garlic and Shotts!) – the place is relatively quiet – still early evening and the usual G&S debauchery hasn’t kicked in yet.  We’re not going to ask any stupid stuff about Dr Who, as the name is – we understand – a play on the word ‘dialect’, and pronounced that way – well actually pronounced ‘Die-a-leck’, as in an alternative hip hop – however we do later remember the tale of how Terry Nation (the man who made up the D word) looked up the meaning of Dalek in a Serbo-Croat dic…. more here



And while we’re here, Cuneiform records are celebrating with a pay what you want sampler album of their 2014 output. Here’s what they have to say….

“Cuneiform – in 2014, its 30th year – features about 400 titles in its catalogue. These releases cover a broad stylistic range, from experimental rock to avant-progressive, avant-jazz and jazz improvisation, electronic/ambient/noise, and much much more. From classical minimalism to chamber rock, Rock in Opposition to Weird Americana, jazz/pop to jazztronica, Cuneiform has explored a wide world of cutting edge music and especially, music beyond genre and genres-yet-to-be-defined. The common denominator of all releases on this uncommon, artist-friendly label is the singularity and consistent high-quality of its artists. Cuneiform’s innovative composers and improvisors create music true to their unique visions and their unfettered visions often defy, reshape, and transcend prior genre boundaries, transforming the musical landscape of jazz, or rock, or New Music/contemporary classical for generations to come.

Cuneiform released 20 albums of high-quality, genre-defiant music in 2014, the largest number of albums we’ve ever released in a single year! They range from jazz/post-jazz/beyond genre (Anthony Pirog; Dylan Ryan/Sand; Raoul Bjorkenheim/Ecstasy; The Microscopic Septet; Led Bib; Ideal Bread; Joel Harrison; The Ed Palermo Big Band; Thumbscrew[Halvorson/Formanek/Fujiwara]); to avant-rock/Rock in Opposition/electroc-ambient-noise (remastered reissues of Roger Trigaux’s Present; Richard Pinhas & Oren Ambarchi; Richard Pinhas & Yoshida Tatsuya; Mats/Morgan; Sonar; Jonathan Badger; Happy Family).


More of this tomorrow, maybe, or maybe more squirt, or, who knows……


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