ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Red Xmas at East London’s Studio 1.1

Red Xmas at Studio 1.1

Red Xmas at Studio 1.1

While everything else changes and gallery spaces are eaten up by developers, rent-hikes and the creep of expensive designed shops, coffee outlets and the rest, down in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, East London, the one constant in a once thriving art street now almost lost, is the energetic space know as Studio 1.1.  The small artist-run gallery space has been quietly getting on with things since 2004, getting on with things right there in the middle of the street at 57a.  Right now they have a very busy group show called Red Xmas filling their white walls (reminds us of something that happened in another of East London’s once prominent art streets, can’t quite a finger on what), and a show that was mostly about an open invitation to artists to just turn up with red work.

A gallery open more often than not, and a space always worth dropping in to, not everything hits the spot in this busy show, there is however more than enough to satisfy the exploring eye (once again a group show with work not clearly labelled, there’s a vague list somewhere on the wall that really doesn’t help much when it comes to putting a name or two to the work on the show).  A busy group show in an intimate space, united by a dominant colour, always is going to make a striking impact, a quick glance through the front window demands to head in and check this one out…

Rather like Studio 1.1, no idea how they work with their contributing artists on a regular basis, (and I’ve almost fallen over that dubious ledge they have in the middle of the room a couple of times), but they do has a good feeling about the well lit space, always worth poking in their corners and discovering…     We like Studio 1.1     (S.W)

Click in an image to enlarge or run the slide show…

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