ORGAN: Happy new year, so who did make the album of 2014?

Should we be writing an end of the year list? Top ten painters? Best live band? Top Twenty Street artists? Album of the year? Well that was obviously Kayo Dot‘s latest album Coffins On Io and the challenges that went with that beautiful piece of art wasn’t it?  Lists, meaningless click bait these days surely? Top ten cats, ten things that will amaze you, lists lists lists…. this is a list free zone, happy new year, see you on the other side


Here’s a piece of Megan Pickering art from one of the car park shows of 2014, if we were inclined to create lists of things we liked in 2014, this would probably feature….


Megan Pickering

Megan Pickering


Here’s a blog to get you through to new year, loads of flared obscurities here to explore, see you on the other side…. Happy new year


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