ORGAN THING: 2015 does not exist, well not for Glasgow’s Thin Privilege

thin_privilege_does_not_exist-coverA new year, just another day really, another day to go out and find something, experience something, share something, make something…  Here’s a band who won’t be doing any of that in 2015, is that a good way to kick off 2015 around here?

“Hi there, Thin Privilege are a four piece two-bass/no-guitar noise rock band from Glasgow, in the vein of Arab on Radar, Blood Brothers and Daughters. We released their debut album in April 2014 in conjunction with Black Lake Records and Bloc+ – they’ll be releasing their last EP on 31.12.14 as a free Bandcamp download, a day after their final show at Glasgow’s Bar Bloc”


They’ll be back, bands don’t stat split up these day, they reform again and again…. “Thin Privilege saw it coming. With a founding member moving to another country to pursue his studies, the band decided in advance to set an end point for the project. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Chime Studios by Ross McGowan (who also engineered their self-titled début), “…Does Not Exist” takes this knowledge of an imminent conclusion as a jumping off point both musically and lyrically. Opener “Diminishing Returns” explicitly deals with the inevitable, culminating in three minutes of self-cancelling repetition; “No. 1 Luddite” plays with off-beat rhythms and hushed vocal dynamics; lead single “Moloch Mouth” (a vicious broadside recommending self-immolation for other bands) and the closing “Hormonal Pigs” find Thin Privilege refining the dance sensibilities that were latent on their debut.”

The year has started here with a free art drop, the first of 365 throughout 2015. Today’s drop took place in East London…



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