ORGAN: What’s happening at Lollipop Gallery? Who are Det Skandalose Orkestra? What is artist and film maker Julian Feeld doing?

The Residents

The Residents

Two days in then, here’s some things from some people we hadn’t heard of when the year started.  Paris based artist and film-maker Julian Feeld has a rather good looking new film.Not heard of him until he started following me on Twitter today

“Happy New Year from our family to yours. We expect odd things from each and every one of you in 2015” said said The Residents, we know who they are of course, perfectly normal people .

2015 then, so far it has mostly been about painting leaves and bits of growth on things found in the street. being painted on ready to be put back out on the street.



“A young filmmaker with mixed intentions sets out to document the friendship between a fifteen year old Parisian girl and a homeless alcoholic on the verge of death. Between documentary and fiction, Soil is an exploration of manipulation, dependency, and objectification”.

A film by Mathilde Huron & Julian Feeld. Featuring: Joe Rezwin, Liza Journo, Sati Leonne Faulks Music by Pontus Berghe

Julian Feeld was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He grew up traveling non-stop. By the age of 17 he had lived in Switzerland, France, New Jersey, Venezuela, and Brazil.  As a teenager in Sao Paulo he played techno at legendary underground club A LOCA, where he…  read on

Pontus Berghe is a traveler. Yes, he was also the drummer of Thieves Like Us, he now plays with his other band Holiday for Strings and has many musical projects in progress including aread on


Meanwhile DET SKANDALOSE ORKESTRA, we have no idea who they are, hadn’t heard of them until this year, this album came out in August 2014 and came our way via one of our favourite bands of late 2014, SEVEN IMPALE.  We have no idea what the Skandalose is all about, we trust it all to be of a wholesome nature


Here’s what Seven Impale had to say, “Okay. We released an album last year, but we have also listened to other music (believe it or not!). Here is our top ten list”

Emilie Nicolas – Like I’m a warrior
Culprate – Deliverance
Todd Terje – It’s album time
Soen – Tellurian
Det Skandaløse Orkester – No har de laget skandale igjen
Motorpsycho – Behind the sun
Animals as Leaders – The joy of motion
Richard Reed Parry – Music for heart and breath
Clark – Clark
Sleep Party People – Floating


“A slow process of creating a new way of playing music.   Here is what it is:  very soft, very quiet music, played utterly in synch with the heart rates and breathing rates of the musicians performing it. Every note you hear is either in synch with the heartbeat of the person playing it, the breathing of the person (or one of the surrounding persons) playing it.So what you hear when this music plays is played precisely in time with someone’s quiet, internal rhythms.  Brought to musical life by a handful of different ensembles. And now, at last, recorded in full, and coming out on Deutsche Grammophon in a few weeks from now.  It has been a joy to create this work, and even more of a joy to have it brought to life by such a fantastic cast of musical minds”. (Richard Reed Perry, May 2014)

Richard Reed Parry performs Interruptions for heart and breath, from the album Music for heart and breath, with Nico Muhly, Nadia Sirota, Owen Pallett, Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner, Gaspar Claus, Kyle Resnick and Dave Nelson

And so off we go….  Lollipop Gallery say ; “We reopen tomorrow. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Sofia’s show, please swing by. It is one of the strongest shows in London right now – she is destined to be a star of the art world. We also have an exciting program lined up for 2015 including a giveaway show of free works on paper from Hayden Kays and Benjamin Murphy plus a killer all-female street art show and that is just in January – stay tuned!”

Sofia Cacciapaglia - Stargazing

Sofia Cacciapaglia – Stargazing

Sofia Cacciapaglia – Some of Us are Looking at the Stars

On view: November 28, 2014–January 18, 2015

East London’s  Lollipop Gallery is pleased to present Sofia Cacciapaglia’s first London Solo Show.This show highlights the breadth of Sofia’s practice and encompasses both her canvases as well as her work with oil on paper. The show revolves around three main themes namely: faces, human figures and flora. These are the themes of an aesthete and are executed with a flowing painterly hand driven by a profound poetic sensibility. Sofia’s palette and her use of space conjoin to impart a sense of lightness: the lightness of a dream state. The eyes that stare from the canvas are indifferent to an inelegant world. The flower buds are not paintings of flowers as much as they are paintings of sensuality, perhaps even sensuality itself.

Sofia Cacciapaglia was born in in Ponte dell’ Olio, Italy in 1983, and lives and works between London and Milan. She graduated in painting from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Her work has been collected by various private collections in Italy including that of Banca Sistema. She represented her country at the Venice Biennale in 2011. The elegance of her work has also been recognized by the world of fashion. The designer Caterina Gatta used her images as inspiration for her Haute Couture collection, which was featured in Vogue Italia this year.

Please join the conversation with Lollipop Gallery on Twitter (@LollipopGallery), Facebook (@LollipopArtGallery), Instagram (@Lollipop_Gallery) via the hashtag #SofiaCacciapaglia

Sofia Cacciapagla at Lollipop

Sofia Cacciapagla at Lollipop

And on with the 2015 365 pieced Art Drop and paintings on things found in the street. Today’s piece was on a nice thick piece of hardboard and now out on the street in East London waiting for someone to come along take it…


More of this tomorrow…. maybe…..


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