ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: A new split 10″ from Ex-Wives, some live dates from The Pop Group…


Monday things? Well we already brought you new Death Grips and Helinsky today, here’s some more bits and pieces of this and that that we have kicking around here in the cold light of January’s first Monday….  THE POP GROUP have just announced some dates (via Twiter0 in the USA, Japan, Australia and such….  ·  10m 10 minutes ago  “please RT : Happy New Year everyone! Hoping to see you at one of our shows in 2015: the Freak Flag flies”

These guys seem like they have some righteous old school stoner rock vibes going down, kind of heard it all before but hey, they do it rather well  Third album from STONEBRIDGEHeavy Envelope, was released on 19th December 2014 – “3rd album from astral pilots of Alternative Heavy Doom Rock with Psych tinged flavour of sonic delights”. Actually we added that u to flavor, flavour is flavoured if it doesn’t have a u, tasteless without, flavour must be flavoured properly, it is the Queen’s English after all…  Do hope you’re taking everything we say here very seriously.
Word from EX-WIVES, we’d forgotten about them, “Hello there, way back in 2009 you were kind enough to review two of our singles (fucking dutch and stave), and bafflingly gave them single of the week status. Since then we got older, fatter and sat about resting on these laurels while the world stopped bothering with bands releasing anything less than four tracks and decent local gigs no longer being the same(ish) price as a pint. For whatever reason, we started recording again last year and have since put out two singles and we’ve just released another two songs on a split single with the French band Madeincanada in December on disturbingly thick 10inch vinyl. Our Bandcamp page has both singles available to buy in physical form or download for free and there’s a video for Hoors featuring Tom Jones here…”
“I’m really glad Organ is still going in some form or another. When we actually started recording things again this was the first place I wanted to send stuff to. I remember finding Miss Black America, when they first started, through yourselves along with a shitload of other decent bands over the years. It was fairly gutting to see you’d stopped and until I noticed the wordpress today I’d assumed that was that for yourselves. Anyway, I’m talking pish when I should really pretend that I’m working before my boss notices me and this zine is sullied for being what loses me my job”. Cheers, Alastair –
Well thank you Alastair, we’re really glad Organ is still going in some form or another, well I think we are, it has been a monster at times…
#365ArtDrops Part 5, January 5th, East London and a piece painted on a mass produced canvas print (20cm x 20cm) found thrown away last year. Painted on, recycled and left out for someone to take should they wish



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