ORGAN: Chinese Open 2015, street artist Zabou time-lapsed, ten #365ArtDrops down, loads more to go and meanwhile in Central Park…

chineseopen2015_flyerWhile the great musical drought of 2015 continues and nothing much turns up this year to really excite us enough to want to share it here, we shall relapse back to raw power of1974 and Central Park, New York, that and wait for the Chinese New Year to hit that Soho car park again. Eleven days in to 2015 and nothing new on he musical front to really excite us yet besides that Death Grips instrumental album. Not that we were anywhere near Central Park (or anywhere else) in 1974 you understand and not that these pages are about looking back anyway.

That’s right, the Chinese Open is on again in 2015. Last year’s show down underground on the seventh floor on that car park was one of the London art highlights, the line up of artists invited to take part this year has just been announced.   Click on that image there to enlarge the flyer and see who’s taking part, we’ll be back with a bit more of a preview later in the month once this artificial grass has been nailed down and that piece of packing case over there has been painted. Are the best shows going to happen outside the conventional white cube galleries again this year? Will we make it past the dancing dragons with the art this time? Will anyone release any exciting music in 2015 or are we just going to listen to old bootlegs we find on YouTube?



No time to be getting all starless and bible black now, really should have bugged David Cross more about all this when he was playing on secret Organ bills in Camden pubs at the start of this century, he played some excellent shows for us back there  No time for larks tongues right now, here’s a rather neat time-lapse video and some documentation of a street artist who’s starting to get out and about around East London quite a bit right now. Zabou has a sharp traditional clean-cut stencil style right now, she’s an artist starting to develop a name for herself…

“Zabou is an exciting street art talent who, since bursting onto the scene in 2012 has been gaining a growing reputation for her sharp stencil based art. Originally from France, now based in London, her work can be found all over the East End of London”,


‘Dis-connected’ – Camden, London – 2015 Art by Zabou –  Time lapse & edit by Daniel Lucas –   Music: Gramatik ‘Monster Stomp’.  Do believe she has something coming up at East London’s Lollipop Gallery soon, another of those all female street art shows….


So far this year it has been about finding things on the street, painting on them, then putting them back out there, art back out on the street again, painted on things people had thrown away and didn’t want, art back out there for people to take. #365ArtDrops in 2015. it all started on January 1st with a nice strong thick piece of cardboard that now has some leaf growth on it, here’s a random order gallery of the first ten…


.A quick flashback to last year’s Chinese Open before we go get on with surviving the the musical drought, car parks are the things..



And finally here’s some bloke playing a piano….


More of this tomorrow…. maybe? Maybe tomorrow will bring us some fresh musical excitement?


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