ORGAN: New noise from long-haired punks Venom, new work from street artist RAE at Original Idea gallery, new shows opening at the Institute of International Visual Arts….



Monday Monday, just like any other day, the howling wind and the continuing of the great musical drought of 2015, this new album from the usually reliable Thurston Moore isn’t quite doing anything the relieve the drought –  Thurston Moore / John Moloney : Caught On Tape Full Bleed out on Northern Spy Records in early February – as experimental free-form noise and the notions of deconstructiveism go, well we seem to have been here many times already. Dynamically it seems to be on some kind of autopilot, keeping it on the same level, kind of need it to flip shit up a little, rip it apart, maybe take it right down and all it really is doing is boring the feather-covered pants off me.  I don’t know, is it just that it seems to want to stay on the same level? The same level isn’t always a bad thing, no no, a good drone or buzz and go on rewarding for hours and hours, is it that this just lacks colour? Character, a dynamic, a risk or two? Is it that Full Bleed is a little bit bland? A little safe? Not as bland as most things sampled in the last few days mind you. new Venom? Will that do it? nearly…. not quite.”British metal trio Venom have released a video for a new track, Long Haired Punks. The song has been taken from their new album, ‘From The Very Depths’, which is out January 26 via Spinefarm Records.  The new offering is the band’s 14th studio album and vocalist Cronos makes no secret of their pride in it. He said, well who cares what he said, here’s the track, it ain’t no In League With Satan and it it isn’t any kind of cure for the drought, it’ll do for a moment or two though..dogs of mayhem won’t give a damn. Venom blew i for me when we saw them shopping in a supermarket and arguing about the price of baked beans….  Shall we proofread today? Or shall we just wait for today’s complaint from the pedant who has nothing better to do with his day to send in his daily comment for us to ignore?  Look out, beware, when the full moon’s high and bright… Surely Venom should have packed it all in years ago? Really detest that pink Vevo logo….


That’s a RAE piece up there, more on that via Original Idea gallery, rather like the energy of the piece. RAE is a street artist from Brooklyn, NYC, “RAE doesn’t want or need a website but he does put some cool stuff on Instagram” so say the Original Idea people, that’s pretty much like having a website isn’t it? Ah who cares, rather like RAE’s energetic use of colour and texture, a street artist, an artist, what’s the difference, answers on a postcard to someone who cares about these things, an artist is an artist is an artist….

#365ArtDrops Part 7

#365ArtDrops Part 7

Meanwhile, over at INIVA, they say the are delighted to invite us to their new exhibitions opening this week in East London…

“Iniva, the Institute of International Visual Arts,  is delighted to invite you to attend the new shows from Park Chan-kyong: Pa-Gyong (Last Sutra Recitation) curated by Binna Choi and Lina Selander: Open System – Silphium and Other Works curated by Lisa Rosendahl, the artists’ first UK solo shows at Rivington Place.  The exhibitions will be installed  throughout the building and will continue until 21st of MarchThis is the second project presented by Iniva as part of Practice Internationala project devoted to exploring independent artistic practices and internationalism within a contemporary framework”  Iniva can be found at Rivington Place, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3BA
INVA, January 2015

INIVA, January 2015

.More on those Iniva shows….   Park Chan-kyong and Lina Selander will show work through two solo presentations alongside each other, bringing together synergies within the artists’ practices. Both artists move between documentary forms and the structure of the visual essay as a way to investigate the construction of collective imaginations. In recent works they have explored different manifestations of the utopian aspirations of modernity, political trauma and the role that image-making and the media of film and photography have played in the development of modern society through presentation, depictions, visual control and surveillance.

Park Chan-kyong: Pa-Gyong – Last Sutra Recitation curated by Binna Choi – This first solo presentation of works by South Korean artist Park Chan-kyong presents a series of his latest film and documentary works that offers a new perspective on folk religious practices such as shamanism and utopian religious communities, from the period of colonisation and the cold war to the present time.

Lina Selander: Open System – Silphium and Other Works curated by Lisa Rosendahl – This exhibition comprises three recent films by Lina Selander together with a selection of materials from the artist’s working archive. Characteristic of Selander’s work is the use of film to build dense layers of images and meaning, through which contemporary society is connected with history and the pre-historic. At the core of her enquiry lies a continuous questioning of the concept and materiality of the image. Selander’s work repeatedly asks us to reconsider the status of the image – as representation, memory, object, imprint or surface – and our relationship to it.

And finally today, on it goes, rain does not stop things…

#365ArtDrops Part 12, January 12th, East London, Off Broadway Market and left under some glass out of the rain. A piece painted on a piece of old Burt’s Crisps cardboard packaging found thrown away last year. Painted on, recycled and left out for someone to take should they wish….12 down, 353 to go….


More of all this tomorrow, surely the drought will break by tomorrow?




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