ORGAN: Fem Graff opens tonight at Lollipop, a whole load of street artists in an East London gallery

Where are we? Friday? Have some more delightfully menacing New York foursome Pop. 1280…. They play London this Friday, that’s tonight, find them at The Shacklewell Arms, Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, East London…


In a rush today, things to do, places to be….





Lollipop Gallery has another good looking show opening tonight, a group show, street art flavours, an interesting set of artists, not sure why it needs to be labeled as Fem Graff and what are all these female only street art events are about anyway? Surely a good artist is a good artist and unless there’s some kind of feminist statement being made by the group (which doesn’t seem to be the case here), who cares what gender the artist is.  What we have tonight is simply a rather decent looking show and some decent street flavoured artists? Whatever the case, doesn’t really matter, good looking show with some interesting artists opening tonight at Lollipop

Lollipop Gallery say they are “pleased to present Fem Graff – a show featuring a diverse group of female street artists. Firstly, we should say what this show is not: it is not a girl power show; it is not, God forbid, an attempt to find the next female Banksy; and it has no feminist socio-political agenda. This show is driven by aesthetics and the artists were selected because their work is strong and special. How much of that is because they are women we don’t know and we don’t care to speculate. Maya Hayuk rightly asked us if would we do a ‘Men Graff’ show. She is correct: we wouldn’t but we are not averse to a little positive discrimination. Ultimately, we only care about how the art looks and we are confident this stands up to any street art group show you are likely to see”.

Artists include: Amanda Marie – Amara por Dios – Ashes 57 – SAKI&Bitches – Victoriano – Vinie Graffiti – Zabou

Fem Graff opens tonight, Friday January 23rd at Lollipop.  Here’s that good looking Zabou time lapse again…


meanwhile, the next twelve in the ongoing series of ‪#‎365ArtDrops‬ – 365 pieces painted on things found on the street and then put back on the street for people to find and take (should they wish to), including this freshly painted piece on hardboard, will happen all at once this weekend around Shoreditch, Brick Lane and such…

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