ORGAN THINGS? Some more music? Vision Fortune’s Black Crawl, new Tank86, Jon Anderson raining down…

vision_fortune_poolMonday…. music…..things….  Vision Fortune have a second single to share, Back Crawl II from their forthcoming ATP Recordings’ debut, Country Music,  Back Crawl II was “informed by the only form of emotional release available to the group at the time – a 25-meter swimming pool. Blending ambient water recordings with the various rhythmic clicks and ticks of a lacrosse stick, the result is a wealth of amorphous, liquid textures that are at once enveloping and exhilarating. Country Music, out February 9th, is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure” or so the press release says, here’s a taste of the earfood, you decide, who needs press release cut’n paste laziness! .”Vision Fortune will tour in the UK and further afield in support of Country Music this spring…”


TANK 86 have a new album ready to, well, roll over you in a rather heavy tank-like manner. Heavy instrumental metal from Tilburg, the latest album is hitting the same spot as the last one did, here’s a taste….  out on orange vinyl at next week we do believe….”Eight new face melting instrumentals”


And here’s a podcast Jon Anderson, he of Yes and such, made a couple of weeks ago…. “In this 40-minute special, Jon talks about his own musical development as well as his appreciation for World Music and the sounds of nature. The soundtrack includes many examples of these topics, as well as the Yes masterpiece “Awaken”. Meanwhile, Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty have announced the formation of a new ensemble, The AndersonPonty Band.. (is that a bit of Radiohead down there?)



Here some more new Venom, here’s the whole of the “terror wrapped in pain” that is crunching new album…



More of this kind of thing tomorrow, maybe?


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