THINGS: Toasters, brass bands, strange times, dog like Sparky, Rael, aerosol kings, who stole what off who?

Toasters... Walthamstow

Toasters… Walthamstow

Would you miss this if it all stopped? Strange times, but would you even notice? Did, hang on, that rather fine panixpherey-like going off and things we told you about a few days back, you know, the thing from self-proclaimed New York “art punks” the Strange times, is now there to download for free, or indeed buy, via Soundcloud.  Go on, buy it, bands, artists (and zine writers) need to live and pay the bills as well (and if they are going to call themselves “art punk” (or let their PR people called them thus), then surely they need to sort out that dubious artwork? So anyway, the service is going to be a bit fractured this week what with the Chinese new year and goat or sheep, that and the man. Who is The Man? Never mind, none of this matters, here’s a second bite of those Strange Times.  Some new Tosster action, Toasters in Walthamstow…. strange times..




And here’s a children’s brass band covering Cardiacs


And some people stealing things off working class heroes (or something like that), “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Zimmerman”. From the same sessions of 1974 that spawned Firebirds and You Never Know…


Here’s a bit of radio session we once set up, these fine things like instant radio sessions could easily be forgotten when really they should not be….


More tomorrow, maybe…..




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