ORGAN THING: New Dog Legs, Oaf yelling at Seagulls (and playing Bloodstock), David Ocker admiring mockingbirds….


Chinatown, last Sunday…

So anyways, that was all the goating around in Chinatown, that, even by Organ standards, was an eventful week! If we wrote it down you wouldn’t believe it, “none of this could have happened, what a load of old porky pies” you would have exclaimed! It did all happen though, every bit of it, and spring feels extra good this year. Apparently this entry will be the 600th of this blog format, of course there was years of Organ before all this – not about the past though, been there done that, never trust a lawyer, it has never been about the past. Organ has always been about reflecting and covering what’s happening right here right now, and right here right now it is Dogs Legs, things found on Ello, Satin Peacocks, hanging around underground car parks in soho, wanting to break hearts, art tarts, and okay so the satin peacock was 1976 but Organ has always been about contradictions, that and the excitement of sharing art, music, under-culture, words, signposts, links, green astroturf, broken bits of frame and never ending a sentence when we should. Here’s something from 2012 that we heard this morning while poking around the internet with a stick, but first, here’s a photo of Dog Legs jumping….



Jumping is good, Dog Legs are good, mockingbirds are good, here then is something from 2012    “The Mister and Mockingbirds is my musical composition set to the sounds of mockingbirds and video of a plant mister. A pleasant moment in my backyard”.

“It was May 16, 2012, a Wednesday.  The sun was shining directly into our backyard.  That’s unusual except at this time of year as the sun journeys north to the spot at which it celebrates the solstice.  The time was about 6:45pm.  The sun was low on the horizon, moving down in the west to where, each evening, it celebrates another successful day.  The sun, I guess, likes to party.  And why not? Leslie was puttering in her “victory” garden (tomatoes and strawberries are very big this year) with Chowderhead following on her heels hoping she’ll throw the ball or rooting in the bushes hoping to catch a small furry creature or protecting us by barking at other dogs as they walk their owners on the other side of the fence, out on the street.  I sat quietly on the patio watching the two of them.  There was a slight breeze.  Somewhere not far off and a little farther than that and again farther yet, a sequence of mockingbirds sang.  Maybe they were trying to identify the limits of their individual tree domains.  Or maybe that’s something mockingbirds just do. Read the rest of the story behind The Mister and Mockingbirds at Mixed Meters:

Mixed Meters:is the blog of “Avant music maker, obscure blogger, unpredictable picture taker:former Zappa sideman, surrealist fellow-traveller and 40-year Californian:apologetic Boomer:Late Riser” David Ocker

#365ArtDtops part 44

#365ArtDtops part 44, Chinatown, Feb 2015 (SW)

And exclaiming is so last year as well, or was it the year before? There’s a shop full of this old stuff you know? Did we mention the shop? What else are we going to do with old Freak Power records, mouths and last year’s exclamations and such? Shall we put some old Organs and the last of the Ditsy Scenes on sale there?

Growth... in the shop

Growth… in the shop

Organ is about now, about today’s “thing”, a “Thing of the Day” posted here every day new stuff.

New stuff from Brighton/London duo Dog Legs.  The duo have their second gloriously raw EP out. “You gotttaaa hear it” they said, “Remember we got our awesome second Ep for sale!!! GOTTTAAA hear it, ear wormmmm earssss!”.

Them legs are right, the finest band with legs in in their name for ages and ages, The EP came out last week, but we were having the week from hell last week, we won though…. never put your trust in the damn Police, I mistakenly thought they were there for you and me.. Have some Dog Legs, you have to love the riotous fracturedness of those legs, you have to love their energy, the raw messy punk rock, the attitude – the creative do it yourself and make it happen attitude of Dog Legs, bet you wouldn’t catch Dog Legs down on the Brighton seafront yelling at seagulls. There should be laws about yelling at gulls, oafish behaviour…. here, have a taste of Dog Legs….


Now the idea of going to Bloodstock does not get anyone around here excited, but those of you who do get excited about such things will be as pleased as a seagull at a beach picnic to learn that the mighty Oaf have been added to the bill.  Hang on, here’s some New England from ’78 while you ponder the Oaf, not the Deptford New England mind, I stuck my face on their album cover and no one ever noticed, the Deptford New England’s album cover, not the New England New England.

OAF, Yesterday

OAF, Yesterday

“Taking over the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock on Friday, are raucous Brighton noisemakers OAF. Chief bellower Dom Lawson exclaims, “We, the mighty OAF, are honoured and delighted to have been invited back to our favourite festival. If you saw us in 2013, please don’t hold that against us. Do come along and observe our ongoing descent into senility. If you haven’t seen us before, we’re like a middle-aged Royal Blood for people that don’t wet the bed (and with added swearing). This will be a splendid occasion and we’re tumescent with joy at the very thought of it. Cheers!” The band are currently writing their third album, set to be recorded later this year, and would like you know that this will be drummer Jim’s first BLOODSTOCK since his hip replacement. They’re not joking. Learn more about OAF  And here’s a link to a helluva a band from 1976


That’s probably it, more tomorrow, maybe…. burning…. no time to proof read, places to be, you got the links, you proof read it.

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