ORGAN THING: The final Death Grips album Jenny Death, it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes

What’s happening Jenny? Who’s Jenny? Daily thing? Good morning,  Is it really, it looks good, dare we open the door? It goes it goes it goes it goes it  goes sunshine…
Jenny Death when? Those concerned with these things, concerned about the final throws of one of the most significantly challenging bands of recent times, concerned about  Death Grips have agonized over this question ever since the band first revealed the album’s artwork last October. Since then, the band have teased about the release of their final (will it really be the final? Like we said yesterday, no band ever ends) studio album. They’ve teased us with a lead single called “Inanimate Sensation”, with that surprise instrumental album Fashion Week, and more recently with this mysterious performance footage.


So next week, unless we’re ebeing teased again, the answer will be with us. The final album, Jenny Death, according to the U.S Harvest Records’ website, will be released next Tuesday, March 17th and will be presented as part of a double album called The Powers That B, which also includes Niggas on the Moon.



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