ORGAN THINGS: The Black Ryder are here in the country gazing at shoes, Pixel Pancho and David Bray both open at Stolen Space tonight….

Shoes shined by a one eyed clown, what’s all that about then? Stereo blaring just as loud as it can? We’re mostly just throwing links at you here, really your choice what you do with them really, curiousity would demand a click if I were to find myself in your shoes? What colour are your shoes today anyway? Nu-shoegazers trip the dark fantastic – nah, we’re not having that, nothing is nu, nu is just lazy, old nu.  The Black Ryder are in the country, they bring their delicate beauty to the following places on the following days,  Fri 13 MarStereo, Glasgow, Sat 14 MarAntwerp Mansion, Rusholme, Manchester, Sun 15 Mar –  The Fleece, Bristol, Mon 16 Mar – Birthdays, London. Here’s some sounds and visuals, you make your own mind up about their glorious beauty…



Couple of new shows opening at Stolen Space tonight,. Rather like the energy and turn around at Stolen Space, like the way the shows constantly evolve, how things change so quickly, rather like how they use that space and those two rooms.

Tonight in gallery 2, a show from PIXEL PANCHO called MEMORY OF OUR LIFE’ opens (and runs until April 12th).




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