ORGAN THING: Exploring the glow of Dragica Carlin’s new solo show at Lollipop Gallery

Dragica Carlin

Dragica Carlin

Thursday night, East London, tonight’s destination, via Brick Lane and the ongoing #365ArtDrops piece, is Commercial Street and the promise of the paintings waiting to be explored at the opening of Dragica Carlin‘s solo exhibition, ‘A Myriad of Marks’ at Lollipop Gallery. Lollipop is a relatively new East London space spread over two floors, nice big window on to the street, nice big open space, raw wooden floors, great space to really explore and experience a painting or two and a gallery so far that has presented an exciting mix of art shows

Urban spaces and ephemera  provide an important creative impetus to Carlin´s work. The light of an autumn afternoon reflected in a broken window pane, or the swirling coils of a barbed wire fence, or the traces of an overflow pipe like pigment on a wall, all are snapshot by her mind and filtered through her alchemical imagination and the poetics of her ceaseless gesture making to convey their essence

 Dragica Carlin opening at  Lollipop

Dragica Carlin opening at Lollipop

Dragica Carlin is a London based painter, originally from Zagreb, Croatia, over here exploring the emotion of paint since the early 90’s, she’s currently sharing her art with us via this new month-long solo show. ‘A Myriad of Marks’ is a rather beautiful show, a refined  collection of paintings alive with a graceful tranquility, a subtle capturing of movement and moment,  a delicate intensity right there in that very controlled movement of her brush.transient flow…

“Abstraction, whether Carlin conveys it through photography or in painting, is the only language she feels is appropriate to convey what she sees”

Large paintings, bold movement, beauty unveiled, poetic flow, of course this is work that needs to be seen in the flesh, textures that needs to be seen first hand, colours you need to experience for yourself, to stand in front of, this is not a show to experience via the blink of a shutter and an electronic webpage, this is paint, this is paint and brush, a precise brush, a careful flow, the beauty of the process itself, a precise beauty, a beauty lit from behind, metallic ribbon, the emotion you sometimes see in thunderclouds, in decaying walls, a gallery full of paintings – painting, imagine that, how refreshing, beautiful paintings allowed to breathe in a well curated space, a show you need to go see for yourself……..  (SW)

‘A Myriad of Marks’ runs until 26th April at Lollipop Gallery, 58 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT.  The #365ArtDrops go on until December 31st.  .  

A collection of photos from last night’s Dragica Carlin opening, the latest #365AerDrops, and the streets of East London, click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show..

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