ORGAN THING: We Are Hex get with the Coven, bed rage, those Mothmen and…

sw_tooting_pop47Some Monday things then, well Tuesday things now, Tuesday things that were intended to be Monday things, but things ran away and things. Ran away with the day and the annoyance of other people’s bed rage, “it annoys m that people think that’s art”. it annoys me that people should think it isn’t. Tuesday is here, all risen from unmade beds and Bacon for breakfast. What would Francis say? An inspired combination? Well if you could hang anything on your bedroom wall seventeen years on?  An exciting thing to experience.  So yes, reading things on social media destroyed Monday, art is indeed a feeling and the feeling is we’re still not in Kansas and no, I don’t want your generic stencil of some notion of skill and look how well he can cut a rat in a Star Wars hat. look at that thing someone else copied off someone else last week, oh but look at the technique! he’s go so much skill, that’s proper art that is…  Where were we? Kill! I said kill.   Catch her talking about her bed whil you can, I expect it is only up for a week before someone tidies things up.


She is the real thing, that is her real bed, sculpting it every time it needs to be installed beds save life, a world seen differently, in a white space, not that white space. Putting it back again and again  Abed alarmed, motion sensors  A part apart. Where we’re we? Listening to those Albertos again, the greatest thing ever…. Bring back The Mothmen and do it now!  Hang on, no, didn’t we say something about bands not being allowed to reform the other week? Did the Duritti Column ever split?

Tracey's bed

Tracey’s bed


“Lost post-punk classic from 1980. A unique mixture of noisy riffs, angular pop melodies and dubwise production aesthetic……second ever album release on On-U Sound, never issued before on CD or Digital….. features former members of Durutti Column and future members of Simply Red!  Can be filed alongside early work by Wire, Gang Of Four and Public Image Limited; and uncannily predates later work by contemporary bands such as Liars and Battles…..Remastered from the original tapes and fully annotated with sleevenotes by the band, plus photos and memorabilia. All formats include 6 bonus tracks, 3 of which are previously unheard.

mothmen_image001The Mothmen emerged from the ashes of two legendary Manchester groups – the legendary Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, and the first line-up of Factory Records band The Durutti Column. They also contributed to the beginnings of longrunning dub collective Suns Of Arqa.

Band members Chris Joyce and Tony Bowers went onto become the rhythm section in the classic 80s line-up of Simply Red, whilst multi-instrumentalist Bob Harding ran lauded reggae reissue label Blood & Fire. Tragically, guitarist Dave Rowbotham was murdered in 1991, but was immortalised in the Happy Mondays song “Cowboy Dave”.

A missing part of the early On-U Sound Records story restored to life and a great example of early-80s UK DIY post-punk music. At times exhibiting psych-tinged tunefulness on tracks such as “Not Moving” and “Change Direction” (or their unreleased cover of Syd Barrett’s “Vegetable Man”). Other tracks are heavier, such as the trance-inducing repetitive rhythms of “Mothman” which recalls 70s German groups such as Can or Amon Düül II.


Here’s some more We Are Hex, now go make you bed and shut up about things you don’t want to even try to understand. We Are Hex are from Indianapolis, Indiana, here’s what someone had to say whe nthey sent in the link to the video that goes with the new single

“We Are Hex’s new conjuring is a two-song 7” to be released on Latest Flame Records.  The b-side is the already acclaimed “Tongues,” a nasty little ripper which premiered this month in video-form on CVLT Nation.  The a-side is “W.D.M.R.S.” named for the groundbreaking 1960s band Coven’s record Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls.  The high priestess herself, Jinx Dawson of Coven, guests on the track, joining her voice to lament, “goddamn the ghouls again, they fall like leaves when the summer ends.” This is just the latest in a trail of We Are Hex 7″s that have included “Lewd Nudie Animals,” produced by Jon Spencer, and “Twist the Witch’s Titty,” produced by Jack White.


We’re out of here, beds to make, Bacon to check out…. Here’s some things from back in the day………




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