ORGAN THING: Roa adapts for the gallery, the beauty of The Peter Ulrich Collaboration…

Organ thing of the day? Friday thing, no time today, here’s a video, here’s some Roa, you have to admire the way Roa adapts for the gallery.  Places to be today. and no big deal, it was made clear the coverage wasn’t welcome, shame really, the little bits on social media looked rather good, it deserved coverage.  Here a link to some fresh Roa then, we’ll let Animal do our job for us today…


Explore some previous Organ coverage of Roa along with a whole load of photos from his last London show here

Meanwhile The Peter Ulrich Collaboration release a new video to accompany the beautiful single ‘Dark Daddy’ ahead of US release of the new album ‘Tempus Fugitives’ on AIS Records and City Canyons Productions


“Former Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil percussionist Peter Ulrich is pleased to announce the release of the video to single ‘Dark Daddy’ ahead of the US release of new album ‘Tempus Fugitives’ on 21st April, via AIS Records and City Canyons Productions. On this vulnerable and enchanting track, The Peter Ulrich Collaboration is joined by American singer and harpist Erin Hill”


peter_ulrich_coverMore tomorrow, maybe….

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