ORGAN THING OF THE DAY : Milton Melvin Croissant III creates an animated video for Rubik…

Who is Milton Melvin Croissant III then? Milton is an artist who lives and works in Baltimore, MD, over there in USA, he’s just created this “surrealist” animated video for a piece of Rubik‘s  music called ‘Duet’. Rather fine video, rather fine piece of music….


“Seemingly inspired by the off-colour unnerving vocals and orchestrations on loop…the video takes us on a journey alongside two disembodied wiggly arms, each ending in a cartoonish gloved hand holding an eyeball, as it crashes through various bastions of capitalism before reaching a strange afterlife, all of it a big dadaist collage in 3D-rendered net-art stylings.”

More from Milton, and a 2014 video made for “Death After Life I” from the Album “Death After Life” by Thug Entrancer (Software Records).



More of this tomorrow or later or the day after, maybe




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