ORGAN THING: The Minesweeper Collective, The French Connection…

Today we hand over the Organ page to  the Minesweeper Collective.  Who are the Minesweeper Collective? A collective of artists and musicians based on an old Minesweeper on the Thames and, well, why not go see for yourselves   That Broadway pop up show was a real pleasure to take part in, good people with the right set of attitudes, shame it was an event marking the demise of yet another art space. There’s a whole bag load of Organ photos and words from the show here   All about artists coming together and making things happen while we still can.



And while we’re here, have some French Connection…. French Connection est un groupe de rock basé à Paris. Tristan Coindet a créé French Connection avant de disparaître à l’intérieur. French Connection aime les vinyles, les guitares vintage, les vieilles boîtes à rythme, Brian Eno, Gang Of Four, David Lynch, The Beatles (…) Stanley Kubrick, Lou Reed…



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