ORGAN: Enticed into the witchery of the new Cold In Berlin album. Every Sons of Noel and Adrian album available for free download.

Things?Exploring the new Cold in Berlin album has been the thing of the day today, but first, a bit of Sons of Noel and Adrian, and yesterday’s part of the ongoing #365ArtDrops piece…

#365ArtDrops Part 90

#365ArtDrops Part 90

Every Sons of Noel and Adrian album available for free download – For a very limited time only, all three Sons of Noel and Adrian albums are available for free download over at Bandcamp.


The band are hoping for a few donations to help finish off their upcoming album, they write “We do need a few hundred pounds to finish off the next album (which has been 95% complete for such a long time). You are able to give donations if you choose and every single pound adds up and really helps. But this is optional.”


coldinberlin_coverCold in Berlin have announced their new album, The Comfort of Loss and Dust will be released on 4th May by Candlelight Records. “10 tracks of unprecedented scope and power, recorded at Gun Factory Studios, London” so say the words on the screen. Let’s have a listen and find out for ourselves….

They’ve been quiet for some time, they seem a lot heavier, far more doomy, moody, darker, a lot less of their 80’s flavoured post-punk Bauhaus-tinged goth past in evidence now, still those hints in there but they feel more like a full-on old-school treacle-churning heavy rock band now. Cold In Berlin have always been favourites around these parts, we expected something good, wasn’t quite expecting The Comfort to be like this though, this has caught us a little off guard.    The Bell is twisting Jefferson Airplane gone to the witches coven to feast on some Candlemass, vocalist/lyricist Maya is sounding as powerfully demanding as ever, more than ever actually, she really is the centre of attention now, those big riffs projecting her… kind of settling in for a doomy heavy rock album when  Mysterious Spells catches things off guard, walking naked over your thoughts, a pause that shifts direction, treading on and trampling, casting mysterious spells that crawl in your belly

“A black mass of doomy punk rock awaits the listener, fired by the Gothic imaginings of vocalist/lyricist Maya. With its dark soundscapes spun in haunting imagery and a feeling of the uncanny, The Comfort of Loss and Dust plays like the aural accompaniment to a Hermann Hesse nightmare”. not sure where they get the pun krock bit from, this is full-on70’s ritual,  the down-tuned guitars and powerful drums create a tide of sound; that carry Maya’s vocals as “she twists and writhes through the murky waters of love, loss and bone-shaking lust”.


Coming Back For More is a little more like the Cold in Berlin we already knew, Pray For Us, is just menacing doom and will I get out of here and on your knees,   The Comfort of Loss & Dust is a massive sound, a demanding album, an album that might catch those already familiar with the past beauties of Cold In Berlin out a little – they’ve certainly evolved, they’ve got blacker, more organic, there’s more of a menace, they’re disturbing, a brooding sound, a darker set of rituals, hold me as I bleed she demands, but you kind of feel it might be your blood she wants to drain. Wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to go in and partake, to sit there with her, with them, with those big riffs, there’s a lot of big riffing heavy rock bands out there already,  it starts to etch itself though, in there deep within your skin, andno, there isn’t any one else quite like this, this is different, I like it in here in the colour of the darkness and the doom and the edge of it all, deep within, can’t scratch it out, disturbing, I like it in here, this is good, more cold in the forest and never coming back than cold in Berlin, I like it here…. pray for us…   (SW)


The new Cold in Berlin album The Comfort of Loss & Dust is out May 4th on Candlelight Records. The London album launch is on May 3rd.


#365ArtDrops Part83

#365ArtDrops Part83

More of this tomorrow…. maybe

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