ORGAN THINGS: A bag load of music, drummers without kits, Taffy, Steinhest, drummers without sticks, Seven Impale, Public Enemy messing with the status quo and…



Thing of the day? We’re busy juggling other balls in other place right now, dipping in to the mountains of e.mail in between bouts of organising shows and throwing paint and and digging holes (but not to the pit of any souls), throwing on new music, rejecting most of it. Rather like this band Taffy in a throwback to the 90’s and Curve and Angel Cage and Breeders and Veruca Salt and insert the names of many guitar peddle loving indie bands here kind of way. “Following the widespread and critical success of their third album last year, along with a full UK tour, Japanese indie-pop four piece, Taffy return with their brand new EP, ‘Darkle’, out May 4th


.Time to explore a little of The Leidenfrost Effect. The Leidenfrost Effect is a collaboration between poet and artist Jude C Montague and Dutch composer andarranger Wim Oudijk.


And what are Seven Impale doing? is there a better prog band out there right now? Here’s what they say today…  “The members of Seven Impale are not sitting back and relaxing when not being… a member of Seven Impale!  Enjoy this track from the newly founded Drone band Steinhest. You hear Fredrik (drums), Tormod (bass (here on 5 string double bass)) and Stian (guitar or here on fretless baritone guitar) alongside their good friend Henrik Skauge (Mandola and tapes).It goes deep….”



How many times have we been here?   drummers who don’t bring their drums to the gig, artists who don’t pick up their work from shows or miraculously expect you to attach a painting with no fittings to a wall when they turn up with it ten minutes before a show opens (or five minutes after).  We once had a drummer sit behind a borrowed kit, ready to start a gig, crowd all in place, rest of the band ready to go, only to shout at the very last minute “Has anyone got any sticks?”. You get to a point where one more soundcheck will result in a killing spree, bands who turn up late with no strings on the bass, bands who can’t get the simplest things together, painters who may make potentially great art but they’re just not worth all the hassle and the turning up late on the wrong day at the wrong gallery and full of their self-importance, Enough of it all, things to do….  more tomorrow, maybe? What about that time a band turned up to see another band they liked only to see their name on the poster, the fools had forgotten they’d been booked to do the support slot, the look of horror when they realised was priceless, they spent the whole gig blaming each other. And then that time when the drummer blew himself up in the soundcheck, that German band, weren’t in tune with playing in small venues, thy were already big in their homeland, forgot about the pyro in his…. boooooom, call the ambulance….


Whatever became of Angel Cage anyway?





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