ORGAN: a nice girl in a photocopy shop, trapped with that new And So I Watch You From Afar album and…

Met a nice girl in a photocopy shop once, at least I think I did, Have we got a thing for you today?  been listening to the new And So I Watch From Afar on and off for the last few days while the business of juggling artists and herding them towards an empty warehouse goes on. An art event in a warehouse, London Fields, next month, this is a non stop operation, look at that big empty space just waiting to be filled with creativity…. play_warehouse01

ALBUM REVIEW:  And So I Watch You From Afar –  Heirs (Sargent House) –  And So I Watch From Afar are one of those bands that sound so “right here, right now”, you know that thing, that sound, that throw it all in the blender and come out with something that sounds a bit like the lighter side of Godspeed, a bit like the polite delight of Animal Collective, a bit like that  Efterklang uplifting hopeful thing, a bit like that tingly post rock thing, that forward movement, that clean crisp almost-jangly thing, that Sigur Ros brightness thing, that church bell sunny day indie alt-rock thing. You imagine the band are all neat beards and manicured finger nails rather than the dirt and the tangles that rock music really should demand. Should rock music be so clean cut? Feel like a visit to the juice bar rather that a scuzzy bar,  that arpeggio, that emo-indie vocal style, all very now and current and it sounds like this is a negative reaction to the awkwardly named band’s new album, do kind of like it and them though, they’re a pleasant band, this is an  unassumingly enjoyable album, And So I Watch are like reasonably satisfying fast food the only thing they really lack is any sense of identity, any hint of x factor, that fingerprint that make them just a little bit recognisable.

asiwfa_heirscoverThat’s the thing, And So I watch sound so like so many other things. Sure, they have a ‘nice’ sound, they’re harmless, they’re nothing really bad here, but who are they? Where’s the edge? They’re faceless, where’s the personality? They sound like a flawless blemish-free musical cake made up of all the right bits, the only thing missing is that secret ingredient that makes you want to come back for more rather than going for one of the many many other cakes demand your eartime.  it isn’t that this is a bad album, do kind of like them, kind of like this new album (comes in a nice shade of zesty lemon yellow if vinyl is your thing), they’re pleasant, they’re like drinking a pint of blueberry fruit juice or watching Inspector Morse at 3am, or eating a decent apple, or eating at Little Chef, all very nice and safe and comfortable and not very challenging and you get a free lollipop at the end and this really is where mainsteam “alternative” music is at in these safe to consume field days of 2015..Nice safe music, neatly trimmed beards, Field Day politeness, wash your hands, smile, stand in line, buy the ticket and don’t offend anyone….

And So I Watch You From Afar’s new album “Heirs”, available May 4th, 2015 via Sargent House. Gawd, we need some GG Allin (or at least a slice or two of Seven Year Bitch) now! When did it all become so sanitised and polite, we’re so far away from the sticky floor of the Hammersmith Clarendon now (did tat place really happen?).Nah, this won’t do, been politely listening to it for two days, get this out of here, the damn thing is brainwashing us, we almost said yes this will do for moment then, this is lift music! “That’s nice what is is?” said someone passing by, nice will not do! This will not do! I don’t want people coming in here and telling me the music I;m listening to is “nice”!! Ff it existed in some kind of real form that could be thrown out of the window then it would be out here now waiting for the wheels of the next 48 bus to London Bridge, Get this this sound-file out of here, turn it off before the computer hits the bus lane, here, you have it, have the lot, take the computers, pull my ears off, here it is, make your own mind up, told you before, no one needs music reviews any more .  .  ah look, they made a nice album, what is there not to like? Have a nice day now….


Here, clear your ears, Chicago’s Lovely Little Girls have finally got around to putting up a Soundcloud page ….



it is a fact, You Don’t Meet Nice Girls In Copy Shops…. Further to yesterday’s zine filled Organ page….


More of this tomorrow, maybe

East London walls

East London walls

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