ORGAN THING: International Dawn Chorus Day on Resonance FM, new eye food from Zu and Giacomo Cesari

zucortartodopostergcwebCarried along in mass of human sea? Thing of the day? Well Zu have a new video, that has to be a good thing doesn’t it? Rather impressive looking video to go with the ever impressive sound of Zu. Video by Giacomo Cesari and a track from Cortar Todo,. Zu are also kicking off the first leg of their European tour this Saturday in Italy.

As part of the International Dawn Chorus Day on May 3rd in association with SoundCamp Resonance 104.4FM will broadcast a programme of live daybreak sounds from around the world.  Starting in Rotherhithe near the Greenwich Meridian, Reveil travels West from one microphone to the next, following the wave of sound that loops the earth with the rising sun, picking up feeds from soundcamps and streamers on the Locus Sonus network, along with forest cams, VLF receivers, deep ocean hydrophones and urban centres, in a continuos sequence lasting one earth day. It is hosted and broadcast in full by Wave Farm WGXC 90.7FM and relayed by Resonance FM on Saturday May 2nd (5am – 7am) and Sunday May 3rd (3.30am – 6am.)  For more information please visit:


Zu released their first new full-length in five years, titled Cortar Todo via Ipecac Recordings back in March



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