ORGAN THING: The Greenhouse Effect live paint jam, Bearfoot Beware and the 100th drop…

Friday thins, thins? Things, this is no time to be proofreading, you got the information, you got the links, typos ‘r us, I got paint to throw, places to be, dogs to bark at, things to drop, the man is at the door. Here you go, here’s a music review, far more entertaining and informative than anything you’ll ever find on these fractured faded pages.

#365ArtDrops Part 100

#365ArtDrops Part 100

Lots coming up this weekend, LondonGigs will give you quite few options,, the Organ recommended gigs this weekend involve Miraculous Mule, Polymath, Cold in Berlin and this bank holiday Monday,  Bearfoot Beware are in town –  warm experimental angular flow for Bearfoot Beware, homage freaks indeed links details and more over on



This looks good, Saturday 2nd May & Sunday 3rd May, LSD Magazine in-conjunction with the 1 Love Community Network presents two days of live painting featuring a host of well known graffiti and street artists including Jim Vision, Busk, Zadok, SeaPuppy, Andy Seize, Ghalamdar, Charlie McFarley, Waleska, HimBad, Georgie, Snoe, Tizer. The site is well known by artists, photographers and visitors to the area. The Meeting of Styles Crew had their event there last year. One huge wall overlooks a massive yard and 13 smaller walls. The artists will be painting the entire site for two days and “everyone is welcome to come and watch these amazing artist paint 100% live”. Fleet St Hill London E2 6EE



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