R.I.P Chris Burden, L.A.-based conceptual artist Chris Burden…

R.I.P Chris Burden, L.A.-based conceptual artist Chris Burden, 69, has died.

Chris Burden was extremely funny” (Gregory Jacobsen) .‘He was every inch an artist, as tough and uncompromising as any I have ever met,’ (art dealer Larry Gagosian)






“James Kalm picked up a copy of ARTFORUM Magazine and was transfixed. It was the early 1970s and the featured artist was Chris Burden. Reading about his extreme performance works, your correspondent was held in a state somewhere between repulsion and admiration. This retrospective, the artist’s first appearance in New York in several years, presents a selection of works from his forty year career spanning a wide breadth of media and conceptual approaches. Chris Burden is considered universally as one of the most innovative performance artists, and his sculptural works push his audacious investigations of physicality into the realm of monuments.

Chris Burden

Chris Burden

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