ORGAN: The artist line up for 2015 Art Car Boot Fair has been announced…..

The Artists line up for the 2015 Annual Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair has been announced. Now in an eleventh year, one of the highlights of the London art year happens in that car park just off Brick Lane, this year on Sunday 15th June.  A day when art lets its hair down for a day, people hang out in a car park, and, should you wish it, lots of very reasonably priced art to buy


Gavin Turk · Sir Peter Blake · Tracey Emin · Bob & Roberta Smith · Rachel Howard & True Rocks · Polly Morgan · Jessica Voorsanger · Pure Evil  · Turps Banana with Marcus Harvey ·Trolley Books · Oisin Byrne · Jake Chapman · Matt Small ·  Ben Eine ·  Emin International  · Jessica Albarn · Lisa Milroy · Eleanor Bedlow · Anna Smithson · Kristjana S Williams · Richard Strange & The Daylight Cabaret · Pam Hogg · Dolores de Sade ·Paul Kindersley · Ian Dawson · Marty Thornton · Carla Borel · Boo Saville · Simon Bill ·Simon Linke · David David · The Bethnal Green Working Mens Club  · Galerie Simpson · Geoff Towns & Dylan Thomas Mobile Book Store · Jealous Gallery  · Ellie Popp · Outline Editions  · James Unsworth · James Birch & Theatre of Dolls · Nina Fowler ·Nina Saunders and Red · Tracey Neuls · Bumble & Earwig   · Herrick Gallery with Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Jeffrey Disasternaut · Keeler Tornero · Mark Jones · Darren Coffield · Wilma ‘Surfmama’ Johnson · Paul Sakoilsky · The Idler Academy · Nick Reynolds · Kim Wagner · Silvia Ziranek · Schoony · Core Arts and The Bethlehem Boys Club · Cliff Pearcey · Moniker Projects with  Ben Eine ·  Andrew Cunningham ·  Barley Massey · David J Batchelor ·Jake Clarke · Ivan Black · Lily Rose Thomas · The Binnie Sisters · WildCat Will · Poppy Allen ·Cloud Nine Marshmallows ·X-Ray Fog · Simon ‘Fork-out’ Thomas · Outside World Allstars· Rick Blackshaw and Scrawl Collective · Swifty · Carolyn Gowdy · Matt Rowe · Folkestone Fringe · Kate Knight · Joseph Gibson · Cultivate . Sean Worrall – Emma Harvey  . Quiet British Accent · Julia Maddison . Twinkle Troughton · The Juncture · Misha Milovanovich · FRAME London · Carrie Reichardt · Alteria Art · Baron Magazine · Sadie Hennessey · Smithson Gallery ·Soho Art Society ·Hepatitis C Trust · Mrs Jones

Plus! Electric Dog · Nude Espresso · Bar de Cru · St John Bread & Wine · Bean About Town And NEW for 2015! Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura presents the Daylight Cabaret featuring: Sarah Jane Morris! Tim Etchells! The Band of Holy Joy! Oh Standfast! Kria! and Silvia Ziranek! Plus ASTONISHING CHARITY AUCTION to boot…more details coming soon!

Some photos from the Cultivate 2014 boot… click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show

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