ORGAN THING: A new video from William D Drake’s fine new album…

videograbbwebOrgan Thing Of The Day; William D Drake has a new video  “William D.Drake proudly presents ‘Distant Buzzing’ – the official video, directed and produced by Ashley Jones. ‘Distant Buzzing’ is the opening track on ‘Revere Reach’, the new William D.Drake album, a hearty, joyous tune with lyrics penned by Mr Drake’s great friend Mr James Kelsey-Fry. The video is a merry romp with William D.Drake and his band of affectionate friends – fleeting moments invoke memories of Mr Drake’s days in Cardiacs long ago…..


The Organ review of the new William D. Drake album is here. “Revere Reach” is available from 15th June 2015 on Onomatopoeia Records.

‘Distant Buzzing’ Video Credits: William D. Drake: Voice box and keyboards, Andrea Parker: Voice box, James Larcombe: Keyboards and voice box, Richard Larcombe: Guitars and voice box, Nicola Baigent: Saxophones and flute, Jon Bastable: Bass, Stephen Gilchrist: Drums, Chris Powell: Percussion, The Consultant: Encouragement, Jamie Kelsey-Fry: The Lyric Wrangler, Anita: Donkey Sarah: Mr Drake’s glamorous assistant Dandy: Herself Music by William D. Drake Lyrics by Jamie Kelsey-Fry


Here’s some live TROJAN HORSE, filmed  ive at Westminster Kingsway College, London
23 May 2013


Jurapsyche Park is from the album World Turned Upside Down


And here’s something from a few years back from The Books, for no other reason than we like it and it passed our way the other day and we wondered if it hadever passed your way? “Musique tirée de l’album Thought for Food de The Books“.


More of this later, maybe….


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