ORGAN THING: It’s gonna be great, tell the jerks they can go to hell…


peterk_thrillPeter Kernel, it’s gonna be great, tell the jerks they can go to hell, we like Peter Kernel, we’ve told you this before, they’re one of our favourite bands, they’re fine, tell yourself, this is a fine thing for a thing of the day, yeah, it’s gonna be great, and it’s gonna be swell and we’re in a rush, and we have a plan and today’s thing may be a year old but the video isn’t and summer is coming and tell yourself it’s gonna be fine…

“on June 9th 2014 Peter Kernel released the song “It’s Gonna Be Great” and today they’re finally releasing the video. It took them one year to make their closest friends act like they’re having fun with them and their music.  Summer is coming, Miriam”

Published on Jun 8, 2015


You can download the track for free, or for a contribution, or… well make up your own mind, here it is…


The track is taken from the excellent album “THRILL ADDICT”, here’s the whole thing


More tomorrow… or later or maybe or….

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