Organ Thing: Beware the time hole, the Holy Joy and the Crone. What’s Tairrie B doing today?

Well who knows what happened there? A time hole? Pretty certain the words of Holy Joy were posted earlier today?  WordPress insists on telling us it was posted back on June 4th, timeholes are strange things, sold Hirst a piece of painted cardboard for a pound the other day, surely he should have paid a few thousand? He’s all about money isn’t he? Pretty certain The Band of Holy Joy played two days ago and the words written about said playing just two days ago were only posted a couple of hours ago whatever WordPress may say.  What would Rikki Nadir say? A time hole? A Manhole? Holy joy…

Tairrie B (photo Gary Bandfield)

Tairrie B (photo Gary Bandfield)

Here, have a wholesome slice of My Ruin (circa 2003) while we check out what Tairrie B is doing. Has she fallen through a time hole as well? New direction she said, well new path is what she actually said, pretty sure she been there before though, “first dropped in 1990”


Double double, toil and trouble, here’s what Tairrie B is doing today, hocus pocus, she’s back again, I thikn that’s what she said? Anyway, over to Tairrie…  “Yesterday I premiered my new video for ‪#‎BewareTheCrone‬ @ Tairrie B Directed by yours truly! For those who missed it, HERE IT IS! Enjoy and please take a moment to follow me on my new path & page! NEW ALBUM ‪#‎VintageCurses‬ coming 8.14.15! #‎TheBITCHisBACK‬ ‪#‎ThisWitchRaps‬

You can find out more here via House of Capricorn, or you can download the track for as little as nothing here.


First time we bumped in to Tairrie B was back in the middle of the 90’s, she was just kicking off her band Manhole, we met up with her and had a chat, might even have been her first “chat” over here, must find a copy…..


Manhole kicked off, the rest is Tarrie B metal history, Manhole evolved and became the more moody slightly gothic beast that was Tura Satana and then My Ruin emerged and kicked up a storm


.But before all that that there was this  9se timeholes, circles, back to where she came from…


Here’s some words we just borrowed…..

Tairrie B started her music career as part of the female dance group Bardeux. After the release of their debut single, “Three-Time Lover”, in 1987, she left the group. Under the tutelage of Eazy-E, she was later signed to his label Ruthless Records (under a new imprint called Comptown Records) and released her first album, The Power Of A Woman, which, unlike usual Ruthless fare, was distributed by MCA Records, Tairrie B claimed she was assaulted by Dr. Dre at the 1990 Grammy Awards for not collaborating with him on her first album:  “Everyone with NWA – like Above The Law and The D.O.C. – whenever they do an album, all of the guys appear on the last track. So they were going to do that with me at one point and Ice Cube was gonna write lyrics to a track called ‘I Ain’t Your Bitch’.”  She refused, and rewrote the track as a diatribe against her labelmates. When Dr. Dre heard the track, he turned up at the awards ceremony party, where he punched Tairrie “twice – once in the mouth and once in the eye. He hit me like Tyson, but I took it – I don’t know how.”  It turned out to be the only Comptown Records album release. Tairrie B later began working on her second full length album ‘Single White Female’, but before releasing it decided to change her musical direction away from rap. After being released from her contract by Eazy-E, just a few weeks before his 1995 death, she then formed Manhole (later renamed Tura Satana), My Ruin and LVRS….”

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