ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar…

It goes, it  goes, it goes, it goes something like this, if we see Chicago’s finest Lovely Little Girls playing a gig then we know we need to go check out whoever it is they’re playing with. Lovely Little Girls always play on interesting bills and this one next week looks as wholesome as any of them. The gig may be happening a million and twelve miles away over there in Chicago Illinois, bu that doesn’t mean you can’t check out the descriptions from whoever posted the gig information up, along with the downloadable earfood from said wholesome looking bands via the Bandcamp things we just helpfully posted for you. One day in the far off distant future, you’ll thanks us for all this (did we see the Cardiacs edition of Organ we put out back in ’93 selling for £100 on ebay this week?)


First up, Paper Mice


“Paper Mice is a three-piece whirligig from Chicago that blends a freakish range of influences into miniature, prog-punk puzzles. The band is a fixture in Chicago’s tight-knit DIY community, performing their high-wire “stop-start mess of rhythmic tics and awkward face plants” for dance-soaked warehouse hounds throughout the Midwest and East Coast since 2007. Their first album, “Paint it Pink,” featured sixteen short, spastic songs about bizarre news stories, botched surgeries, and hirsute politicians. The follow-up, “The Funny Papers, continues the band’s jagged jaunt through the world of current events with eleven tracks about canine heroes, fast-food meltdowns, and Dolly Parton. The album was completed over three days in an elementary school gymnasium-turned giant, temporary recording studio. The comic artist, Paul Hornschemeier, designed and illustrated the album’s artwork. Two of the band members are music teachers, devoted to spreading their love of musical fun and mayhem to America’s youth. They love animals”.

Second up, a band we’ve warned you about before, Bukkake Moms

“Jarring, unhinged and diabolical would be a great place to start. The music is forever shifting in tempo and structure, from blast beats to no-wavey disco beats to an utter cacophony bukkaked with saxophone squeals, disjointed guitars, noise, piano, narrated with ridiculous lyrics about grandpa getting high on trash and having sex toys extracted from your eye sockets”.

Third up, Organ favourites Lovely Little Girls


Lovely Little Girls is a nine-piece theatrical art/prog band that delves into the grotesque. From subject matter that explores absurd sex, ridiculous gluttony, abject failure, and unceremonious death, Lovely Little Girls morphs rock forms into abstract black humor narratives. The band’s 2012 LP Cleaning the Filth From a Delicate Frame (Skin Graft Records) uses show-tunes as a starting point, focusing on abstract storytelling through convoluted structure, odd melodies, and multiple voices/narrators. It’s Jesus Christ Superstar filtered through Dada, Captain Beefheart, Fred Frith, and Magma.


And finally, Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar



“Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar, A total disjointed no-wave dance explosion all over your face!”



And just in case you are reading this in Chicago then here – FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

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