Organ Thing of the Day: United Sounds of Joy


Organ thing of the day? A Quick one today, busy day, things to do, things to drop, places to be . United Sounds of Joy, who are they then? Over to a spokesperson –  “Hello and welcome, United Sounds of Joy is the new project from Michael J Sheehy and Alex Vald both formerly of 90s cult band Dream City Film Club. They make lounge music for a dystopian future inspired by acid drenched spaghetti westerns, post apocalyptic sci-fi, recreational drug use in the 1990s, and assorted mystics, murderers and madmen. Don’t call it a reunion, it’s not even a f**king band!”



And talking of Michael J, these days the one time Dream City Film Club man is best known as both a solo artist and as a driving force in a band we rather like around here, Miraculous Mule.  Here’s something he (or one of the other Mules) had to say about a forthcoming show at Paper Dress Vintage – “We’ve played some great shows at this cracking little venue over the past few years and we are sad to see it succumb to the rapacious onslaught which sees one great London venue fall after another. We invite you to join us in saying farewell to Paper Dress as Miraculous Mule plan to lift the roof off the muthaf*cka before the demolition squad move in We also have the beguiling MADAM and bringing his own special brand of ‘the ruckus’ is Mr Graham Loose, Mayor of Kentish Town”.

The gig happens on July 16th at Paper Dress Vintage, 114-116 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3AH, here’s the Facebook event page


And before we go, the first moves from Dream City Film Club, back on some label called ORG back in 1996 or somewhere around then…





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