More Danielle de Picciotto, a new book, a beautiful new video, more Peachy things from Geyser

What was it all about? Who were the band? We are the band, where have we been? Coloured pegs? Dropping things on the Kilburn High Road? Nah, that won’t do, hang on, here you go, proper high road music.



Meanwhile, a million miles from anything being dropped (or carefully hung) on the Kilburn High Road, Danielle de Picciotto has a new video for a new song called “I Have Love”


In support of her forthcoming graphic diary “We Are Gypsies Now!” and latest solo album “Tacoma,” (former) Berlin-based multimedia artist and musician Danielle de Picciotto (Crime & The City Solution, co-founder of Berlin’s “Love Parade”), has premiered her latest video for new album track “I Have Love” exclusively at

danielle-de-picciotto-gypsiesWritten and illustrated by De Picciotto, “We Are Gypsies Now!” documents the author’s transition to a nomadic lifestyle after becoming frustrated with the status-quo, materialistic culture of modern-day Berlin, instead setting out in search of a life with greater meaning and deeper purpose. In her story, our protagonist joins husband Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) on a multi-year voyage around the world, which includes stops in various global cities taking on odd jobs, non-stop live touring, and an array of trials, adventures and profound life-changing experiences such an undertaking might inevitably provide.

In support of the book’s release, De Picciotto and Hacke will be bringing their story to the states for a series of exclusive, live events this summer, where excerpts from “We Are Gypsies Now!” will be set to visual and auditory soundtracks, featuring new and original material from De Picciotto’s latest album “Tacoma” (on which “Es Gibt Kein Zurück” appears) as well the couple’s upcoming new album “Perserverantia” out later this year.

Musically, both live and on her new album, de Picciotto employs unusual instruments like the hurdy-gurdy and the autoharp, while accompanying her spoken-word poetry and delicate vocal stylings with multi-layered violin harmonies. “Tacoma” evokes imagery of lonesome desert landscapes, enchanted forests, and otherworldly trance-states while straddling maritime thunderstorms by combining recordings of nature’s manifold phenomena with radio interferences, reverberating tribal percussions, electronic treatments, and the soothing and genuinely organic vibrations of acoustically generated drones and internal mantras. Her lyrics focus on the mystical implications of the nomadic life, clairvoyant renderings of female intuition, and tales of dreamlike revelations, while the instrumental pieces of this astonishing album transport the listener into paths never tread, or, like Danielle herself, who only recently returned for the first time to the place of her birth, into a journey to the beginning of time.

.Explore the recent Danielle de Picciotto album here.  For more information, visit: / /  Forced Exposure / Moabit Music

Peach were a fine band back in the day, life was peachy indeed, we bring this up today because this footage of Geyser crossed our path a couple of days ago, footage of the Peach flavoured band at this year’s Download festival. “Christopher Lee died the night before Geyser were due to play UK Download Festival 2015. So they added this to their set as a tribute. As Wicker Man aficionados know, Lord Summerisle lied big time to poor Sergeant Howie about the whereabouts of the missing schoolgirl Rowan Morrison. Geyser includes Andrew Prestidge (Lucifer, Angelwitch), Al Murray and Simon Oakes (ex-Peach & co-writer of this song with Tool’s Justin Chancellor), Adam Wolters, Mark Moloney”.


Peach were of course regulars on Organ bills (and indeed on Organ pages) back in the early 90’s and the days of Mint 400 and such, the 1994 album Giving Birth To A Stone still sounds rather fine to us




More of this tomorrow, maybe

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