ORGAN THING: The sonically nefarious menace of Sex Swing, the colour of Clare Street, drop 182…


Sex Swing, now this is the best thing these ears have heard in a while, “I rather like this band” she said, she was right, word of mouth you see, rather like the menace, the brooding power, the tension, the building on things, the layers as it broods up inside you, and yes they do brood, this is brooding, this is good . “Sex Swing – a newly-birthed project, comprising members of implicitly trusted yet sonically nefarious outfits Mugstar, Part Chimp and Dethscalator”.



And to follow up something said here last week about “the fresh street art of Clare street over in Bethnal Green, (there’s one or two interesting pieces of art going up on Clare Street recently, some of that spontaneous energy that is so often missing around many of East London’s seemingly very “organized” and tediously “policed” walls right now, street art in London has become rather sanitised and unadventurously conservative in recent times, there’s one or two things here that rise above the mundane, worth a wonder down should you be passing).


Meanwhile The #365ArtDrops piece goes on, yesterday’s happened on the streets of East London…

#365ArtDrops Part 182 found

#365ArtDrops Part 182 found

The painting hung under bridge last week (see previous entry) turned up in a garden somewhere in England, meanwhile part 182 of the #365ArtDrops piece was painted on a small piece of wood, an off-cut picked up from the rubble of an East London building site. The piece of wood was painted on again and again for a couple of weeks, painted on, and then left hanging yesterday afternoon on the wall of a building on Ezra Street, London E2. It wasn’t there long, the photos of the finder appeared on social media about an hour later. People interacting is such an important part of this on-going year-long piece of work…



More tomorrow…. or later… or maybe….


4 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: The sonically nefarious menace of Sex Swing, the colour of Clare Street, drop 182…

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